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Creation of new Ministries meant to reward friends-Bowman

Feature Politics Creation of new Ministries meant to reward friends-Bowman

Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo has charged that President Hakainde Hichilema created new Ministries to reward his friends with ministerial positions.

Debating in Parliament in support of a motion on the creation and merger of Ministries yesterday, Mr Lusambo said new Ministries were created to reward President Hichilema’s friends such as Felix Mutati.

He said President Hichilema was pressurized in creating new Ministries to accommodate his Alliance partners who contributed to his victory.

“Madam Speaker, this motion is non controversial and straight forward. The power to create or merge new Ministries lies with the President, so he is free to create ministries and appoint his friends the way His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema has done to appoint his friends like Hon. Felix Mutati. Even I when I become President, I will do the same,” Mr Lusambo said.

Mr Lusambo also charged that former President Edgar Lungu has left behind a strong legacy of development.

He left President Lungu has left a a solid foundation for development of Zambia.

Mr Lusambo charged that it would be embarrassing for President Hichilema to fail to deliver when he has inherited a good foundation to succeed.

Mr Lusambo said the road network in Lusaka is world class and can be compared to places like Chicago and Los Angelos.

“Madam Speaker, the administration of President Lungu managed to work on thousands of kilometers of roads, we extended Great East Road and when you step out of this building Mr Madam Speaker, you will be getting on a very good road which is world class. Today Lusaka looks like Chicago or Los Angelos.


  1. This minister called Bowman who was flashing money in Kabushi and mocking Zambians is still talking. Ministries like Science and Technology and Ministry of SMEs are engines to our development. Whilst the PF was creating fire tenders whilst in government, a progressive government has come in and is creating ministers to advance the country. towards sustainable development. We appreciate that your understanding of issues might not be that smart but stop saying ministries were created for friends. Naumfwa…

  2. Wondering how Bowman can be a news source in the new dawn.
    You listen to him at your own peril.
    Such a shallow fellow.

  3. ” Mr Lusambo said the road network in Lusaka is world class and can be compared to places like Chicago and Los Angelos….”

    He’s head is full of human excrement……..

    How you can you make someone like this a minister is beyond the beyondble……

  4. LUSAMBO :”Today Lusaka looks like Chicago or Los Angelos.”
    These are the so called checks and balances preached by PF and opposition in general, and this is the level of argumentation we expect in next 5 years ! Come On People, these are Compound Arguments, I can’t believe it, it’s being used against a motion to create the two ministries.
    These dunderheards are now being exposed and will be for a while.
    WHAT VALUE IS HIS CONTRIBUTION BRINGING? Just making noise so he is quoted in LT.

  5. If you have to pay one ngwee to listen to this chap, you can even get change. He has sunk so low that he has started digging. Such cluelessness is dangerous. Lusaka looks like LA because of roads? That is a former Minister?

  6. Lets forgive the chap, its not his fault that he is dall. Unfortunately that was the caliber of your ministers when PF was in power, and you are shocked that both your economy and governance of the country was left on its knees. However, lets accommodate his labbish because that is what democracy entails

  7. Mr Lusambo you will Never be the Voice of Reason.You will Never be the Cure ,for you are the Disease.The Disease that was the PF CORRUPT ENTERPRISE OF A GOVERNMENT led by your Boss Edgar Chagwa Lungu.
    Hakainde is here to Cure the Country of the Disease you left behind,You Mr Lusambo are the Discards ,the Basket of Deplorables and Despicables

  8. Lusambo Ubupuba bwalifilisha! How on earth can you compare ifishelomoko to road in los angles. I though you have traveled world over and see what you friends call flieover bribge. a

  9. Says he who stole millions from the poor. Get ACC and DEC onto him and prosecute him for his crimes. Dream on you Bonehead, think you’ll one day be President of Zambia, NO NO, you are going to jail!!!!

  10. It’s like waking up from a nightmare, honestly Lungu saw it fit to appoint Bowman Lusaka Province Minister?He deserves no leniency this Lungu,uko naula ichalo kwati mufulo?

  11. This ‘new dawn’ and new structure of ministries is cut and paste from South Africa. When you say new dawn, in my ears I’m listening to Ramaphosa. Common UPND, don’t be lazy. When are we going to see something new and uniquely tailored to solve Zambia’s needs. You should know every country is unique irrespective of similarities.

  12. That only happened during PF. One example was ministry of religious affairs which had no agenda but was just meant to keep cadres in employment starting with sumaili.

  13. Hon Lusambo. Lusaka is not just Kabulonga and Woodlands. It is George Compound and Kanyama, Libala and Kabwata, Bauleni and Chawama. Once we have a good and safe road network in every part of Lusaka as well as across the country, whoever gets us there shall be free to brag…and I will join them. We are just not there yet and sadly, PF failed to get us there.

  14. Stopped reading the moment I came to this sentence.. “road network in Lusaka is world class and can be compared to places like Chicago and Los Angelos”. What? Is he dreaming?

  15. I Iistened live to this debate on Parliament TV. Those comments were in his maiden speech. Of course the roads he is talking about are there. Unless you haven’t been there, Lusaka has a lot of roads constructed under the previous government. Learn to give credit where it is due.
    The 2 ministries are surely not new per say. That was already there under Commerce and Higher Education.
    If he wanted a lean cabinet as promised during campaigns, the 2 could have remained just departments under existing ministries. But of course that could have denied positions to some of his team mates. You may not like him, but Lusambo was on point on this one.

  16. Bull Dozer President………….Hahahahahaha ! Zambians have been taken for granted and even open Thieves have such liberties. Be careful your Seat is under petition, this may be the last month you speak as MP.

  17. This stinking corrupt chap stole so much money from Chinese contracts but cant compare any of the Lusaka roads to any Chinese High ways. Those who support him are saying HH has sold Zambia to USA.. …Dulloooo!

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