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I will speak for the voiceless; unlike some traditional leaders, I’ll not be attracted by money.– Chieftainess Nkomeshya

Rural News I will speak for the voiceless; unlike some traditional leaders, I'll not...

Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo the second has said she will continue to speak for the voiceless even if it makes her unpopular among political leaders.

Chieftainess Nkomeshya says she will continue to stand for the truth about the developmental needs of the people of Lusaka as she did before though it cost her relationship with the then Patriotic Front (PF) led government.

The traditional leader said when Lusaka Province Minister Sheal Mulyata who was accompanied by Provincial Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga, Chongwe Town Clerk Mulowa Sishumba, several government heads of departments, and councillors from Chongwe paid a courtesy call on her yesterday that unlike some traditional leaders, she will not be attracted by money.

“I know some chiefs issue statements because of money but I will continue to stand for the people. I understand my role as a traditional leader and I will not be swayed by money,” She said.

Chieftainess Nkhomeshya stated that she will support the government of the day but will speak out when wrong things are done.

She also urged the new dawn administration to complete developmental projects that have stalled before initiating on new ones.

The traditional leader highlighted the poor road network and a modern hospital as some of the needs of the people in Chongwe district.

“You are aware that this is a transit district that records a number of accidents, the hospital we have does not have the capacity to attend to a high number of patients,” she said.

Chieftainess Nkomeshya also cautioned councillors in Chongwe not to amass wealth at the expense of the electorate.

“The new President has made it clear that he will not condone caderism, you should not allocate land illegally, you should consult people on the ground to understand their needs as you develop the town,” she said.

She noted that the results of the August 12 general elections delivered a message that leaders should not focus on self-service but should service the people on the ground.

“You cannot benefit from a bumper harvest when with poor state of roads. How does the harvest reach the market?” She wondered.

Chieftainess Nkomeshya said Chongwe only benefited from the tarring of the Great East road under the Link Zambia 8000 road project.

She stated that a number of roads in the province remain in dare need of a face lift citing the Rufunsa-Shikabeta road as one that becomes impassable during the rainy season.

And Lusaka Province Minister Sheal Mulyata called for unity from traditional leaders as government starts to implement its developmental agenda.

Ms Mulyata stated that it is only with unity and counsel from people on the ground that government can take stock of the developmental needs of the people.

“We need to work together with all traditional leaders and their subjects to quickly address their developmental needs,” She said.

Meanwhile, Provincial Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga told Chieftainess Nkomeshya that the government was not able to complete road construction projects such as the Leopards Hill owing to lack of finances.

Mr Kamanga stated that some of the road projects were included in the infrastructure development plan for the province and that the government remains committed to upgrading them.


  1. One good take away point.. How can you benefit from the BUMPER HARVEST WITH POOR ROADS. .. reminds me of Nevers Mumba when he told an MMD rally that people cannot eat roads. Here’s a traditional ruler who appreciates the importance of good communication net work.

  2. Very hard to buy this chifeteness ……

    Unlike some up north and east who even started looking like the envelopes they received the money in…………

  3. Mwebafyashi….Look at you looking so royal in the picture !!! Thanks a lot your Royal Highness for those words of wisdom….Please continue speaking for the poor and vulnerable….Yes do not tolerate these politicians, they come and go but your royal assignment will be foreever until the Almighty calls you. These politicians are all the same . Abash to caderism …..I hope the current President will hear those wise words, words of wisdom , even the poor need tared roads. In 2016 during a radio interview, he said and I quote ‘ These people are borrowing money to make roads leading to everywhere, even to shanty compounds. I can only borrow money to make roads that lead to industries because industries add value to the country” You speak of a good road network that lead to poor peasant…

  4. The chieftainess has not done much for Chongwe and the area around. And she is totally corrupt: Shoprite wanted to open a shop in Chongwe, but didn’t want to pay an exorbitant amount of money to the chieftainess. We only got a supermarket LAST WEEK when Choppies finally paid up. She must be the most unpopular chieftainess in the country, Chongwe wants to see the back of her sooner rather than later!

  5. Which govt is Elias Kamanga talking about? This is the thing we feel that something has gone wrong these are the PF cadres that were campaigning hard against HH and the UPND Alliance and today they are playing good boys. Any way there is still time and God’s time is the best. We have some career civil servants who deserve being promoted to PS’s but not PF cadres still occupying offices. The longer they are kept in their positions they more the destroy information. Unless we are made to understand that they were moles once a mole they will always be moles doing damage under ground. RB did his best to defuse the political tension that was to arise had ECL tried not to accept defeat and handover power peacefully. VJ should be brought on board to help sort some state craft issues which are…

  6. @10 check your mind! You mean the whole country should have campaigned only for Upnd and HH? When Pf was in power, should it have meant that the whole country campaign only for ECL and Pf? Are we kids ? Dangerous kind of thinking. Not all Civil servants are political. Let HH decided who to work with, some are very educated, experienced etc etc.
    Quote ‘We have some career civil servants who deserve being promoted to PS’s but not PF cadres still occupying offices. The longer they are kept in their positions they more the destroy information.’ End of quote. You are the type that will destroy UPnd and HH, hiding your tribal thoughts behind such statement..check your surname!


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