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Investigate suspicious recruitment of 3,000 teachers

General News Investigate suspicious recruitment of 3,000 teachers

The National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) has demanded that the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Zambia Police should professionally investigate the suspicious recruitment of over 3,000 teachers by the Teaching Service Commission.

Executive Director, Aaron Chansa told the media that it is shocking that the Teaching Service Commission is expressing ignorance over the matter which he described as a pure scandal.

Mr. Chansa added that it is surprising that the Anti- Corruption Commission and the Police have remained mute over the widely reported unclear recruitment of teachers.

“We are demanding that ACC and Police help this country by professionally and swiftly investigating this matter as a lot of people have been affected,” he said.

He stressed that a thorough investigation must be conducted to ascertain the root of the suspicious process so that those found wanting should be prosecuted.

Mr. Chansa said there have been a number of corruption allegations in teacher recruitment, promotions, and retirements in national interest, and replacements which require serious attention.

He added that the issues have tarnished the image of the teaching profession thus affecting the morale of teachers in the country.

Mr. Chansa suggested that going forward NAQEZ would like to see transparent and accountable teacher recruitment in the Ministry of Education.

“There is a need for clear policies which will facilitate and promote a favourable environment for recruiting teachers,” he said.

Mr .Chansa further noted that if this is not done, scandals will continue in the Ministry of Education which is retrogressive to the growth of the teaching profession.


  1. Usually when someone speaks like this just know that his relatives were not recruited. It happens in contract awarding, the whistle blower is usually then whose bid failed.

  2. Even replacements should be done fairly. If you say you have a back log of Teachers to recruit, can you explain the reason why you would recruit someone who graduated in 2019 before the one who graduated in 2018 or 2017? The back log should be cleared by employing those who graduated first and end with the latest graduants if you do not want to be suspected of corruption. These are some of the things inspectors are supposed to be checking.

  3. Indeed that recruitment exercise left a lot to be desired. It really smelled serious terrible odour never to be ignored. Lets get there soonest before some PS hides evidence. The quicker the better!!!!

  4. All these are just barking to look like they’re against corruption but they’re the most corrupt and he probably knows how 3000 teachers were hired

  5. #5 Saulosi you have a point. There’s someone from one District Chamber Of Commerce who talks about corruption whenever he’s on radio, but he’s one of biggest giver of appreciation to buying staff of one mining company. I wonder if giving money to one who has given you a contact is not corruption.

  6. To our Republican President and The New Minister of Education, there is a lot of work to be done because there has just been too much Evil in the Teacher Recruitment and Replacement Exercise. Some People have been paying ma K 10, 000, K 15, 000 and so on in order to be recruited as Teachers. Some People have even been having Evil Relationships { Sexual Affairs } in order to be employed as Teachers. some People have been paying ma K 30, 000 in order to promoted as PEO or DEBS Officers. There is urgent need to investigate and clean up this matter so that sanity is restored in the Education Sector.

  7. The job is too big for ACC and ZP add DEC to that. Theliz no way this bunch which has been asleep all along for ten years can wake up now sort all these cases? Even with a fast track court, we won’t archive anything. To us, hearsay is more important than factual, real evidence. What time do they have to investigate and gather evidence? They are relying on social media definitely. The other day ACC was spreading rumours and hearsay that the public is giving them info on some crimes so off we go to investigate.
    We want to see evidence!!!

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