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PF’s Media Director Antonio Mwanza steps down

Feature Politics PF’s Media Director Antonio Mwanza steps down

Opposition PF Media Director Antonio Mwanza has announced that he has stepped down from his position with immediate effect.

Mr Mwanza has also stepped down from his role as the National Youth Chairperson for the Patriotic Front.

He said this in a statement released to the media on Saturday.

“This serves to inform all members of the Patriotic Front and the general public that I have with IMMEDIATE EFFECT STEPPED DOWN as the National Youth Chairperson for the Patriotic Front. I wish to remain as an ordinary Member of the Central Committee of the Party,” Mr Mwanza said.

“Further, I wish to indicate that I will also be stepping down as the Party’s Media Director. I pledge my loyalty and commitment to the Party and I pledge to continue working hard for the furtherance of the PF’s agenda,” he said.

“Lastly I want to immensely thank His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for the trust and confidence he has exhibited in me for the appointments; It was a great honour and privilege.”


  1. You must be amongst the Most wanted in Zambia. Millions are being recovered from New Kasama. Can’t wait to see this Unfold. What a time to be a Zambian!!

  2. The casualty list is likely to rise. The last 10 years was quite toxic. With promises most of you could not keep it will be difficult to navigate the new politics.

  3. Lazy Lungu and Davis Mwila destroyed this party by hiring these chancers like Mwanza and Chanda, they got rid of the diehards and the fighters who suffered for PF…Mwanza only wanted to enjoy the joy rid of the ruling party. Sunday Chanda would have done the same if he didnt stand..these chaps were the first to throw insults at HH look at them now!!

  4. These are the chaps that were on ZESCO and Zamtel payroll as Directors he was even driving company Ford Rangers …this small boy can never fight your corner for free.

  5. Nobody will miss you Antonio, I am PF and I can advise that nobody will miss, just some friendly advice, tone down your arrogance mufana please

  6. Now we only wait for the resignation or sacking of Davis Mwila, Given Lubinda, Edgar China Lungu. By the way, haven’t heard anything from one half of the Obese Brothers GBM, keeping a low profile? I truly hope that the other half of the Obese Brothers, namely CK, will be appointed as head bozo of the PF: that will absolutely GUARANTEE that nobody will vote for them next time around!

    • Indeed let all leaders who made us loose elections vacate immediately, it is sickening to hear Given Lubinda say we do not know how we lost elections, that alone should tell you that there is no leadership, us the PF members on the ground know why we lost elections, we were busy talking about things that did not even matter to the electorate, how does talk about infrastructure help the massive army of unemployed youths, how does it help a retiree who has worked for years only to be denied his money. And we clearly demonstrated that we had money, flashing it all over. Antonio, we hope you are not the only one leaving , we want everybody out. People were complaining of our media directorate being arrogant and instead of rebranding you bring a more insolent and arrogant Nakachinda. Just how

  7. Copperbelt is really rejoicing the firing of Partisan Nundwe, just imagine having these PF cadres on the Copperbelt then, Nundwe, Katanga and Kanganja. It was hell

  8. This chap was very excited and publicity happy during the misrule of the criminal and gangster organization called PF. He is the the definition of what is wrong with our society, he is the ‘I know it all type of clown’ how did we end up with these good for nothing meaningless people and crooks? I hope you go to the hottest part of hell. You are a waste of space, Good riddance to bad rubbish. You and your corrupt and thieving Lungu have taken the country back by ten years. When MMD left office the Economy was growing at 7% now its at negative five. Praise God, Zambians threw your backsides to the dust bin of history never to return again. Even the devil is hurt and very disappointed with the way you destroyed Zambia. We are free at last, thank God almighty and may Justice be served for…

  9. flag Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee

    The domino effect starts… they will drop like flies, wanting to jump ship. Remember this dude was with Nawakwi at FDD. HH and UPND, please for the love of God reject these opportunists who will soon coming begging to join your party. They are liabilities and they will add no value to your political fortunes… just remember how you won the elections in the first place, the Zambian people. I really pray that HH has good advice on these soon to be defectors.

    The only thing you should accept from these cr00ks is the return of the loot of they stole from the Zambian people.

  10. Good riddance to bad rubbish, this chap was very excited and ‘publicity happy’ during the misrule of that Lungu and his criminal and gangster organization called PF, we were brutalized and oppressed. Praise God, Zambians came together to throw your backsides out to the dust bins of history. You have destroyed and raped Zambia. This chap is the definition of what is wrong with our society, let him go the hottest part of hell. Him and his Pf o monopolized the Public Media to the exclusion of the rest of us. Even the devil is hurt and very disappointed with the way you destroyed the country. When MMD left office the Economy was growing at 7% per annum now it is negative 5 thanks to the corrupt, thieving and violent Lungu. It is shocking that this moron joined the bandwagon or a caravan…

  11. Kudos to every Zambian working hard in the Diaspora and back home without depending or pinning hopes on any politician….BALLY MUNTU WABUFI…BMW am told that’s his name

  12. What Antonio Mwanza does not realise is that some of the bloggers on this site actually work in the accounts department at ZESCO. They know what they are talking about. I am not sure Nawakwi could even take him back, she is also in the state of shock. I expect a list of casualties to grow.

  13. Antonio Mwanza from the beginning of his journey as a politician the young man has been a chancer and opportunistic. He was no manners what he did in PF when it was in power was survival by politics of appeasement.

    Only a foolish and criminal leader can be surrounded by people like Antonio Mwanza, Sunday Chanda, Stephen Kampyongo, Bowman Lusambo, Davies Mwila and many other useless people wrongly advised Edgar Chagwa Lungu.


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