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HH should explain why he has scraped off Ministries of Religious Affairs and Traditional Affairs

Headlines HH should explain why he has scraped off Ministries of Religious Affairs...

Mr Chishala Chilufya, a politician and devoted Christian has called on the Church to rise to the occasion and defend the church which is under attack from the new government.

He has since advised the church to remain steadfast and brace for harder times.

“Firstly, we want the church to realize that this government has no genuine regard and place for the church going forward. We told the Zambian people to critically interrogate the faith of all aspiring candidates because the church and the entire body of Christ was under threat.

“Now we are where we are because people don’t like to interrogate their choices if leaders. President Hakainde Hichilema had never been categorically clear on his position on many issues relating to the Church. The first act from him was to scrap the Ministry of Religious Affairs. It is clear that the Church must brace itself for harder times under this administration.

Mr. Chishala has also cautioned the traditional leaders to equally be prepared for hard times.

“Look, are we surprised that, the President has scraped off two sensitive ministries. In past governments, these important and critical stakeholders have either had a desk at the state House or a ministry. So what we are witnessing is disgustingly awful.

“These guys dont believe in anything, they don’t want the church or indeed our culture. They are systematically preparing the ground for the introduction of abominable acts such as gay rights. And there will be nowhere we can go. They will abolish the penal code and introduce laws that will create a safe haven for LGBT rights.

He has further challenged President Hichilema to explain to the Zambia people why he has scraped off ministries of chiefs and religious affairs.

“Look, President Hakainde Hichilema must be accountable for his actions. He must explain why he has removed these two sensitive ministries, like the Ministry responsible for traditional affairs. Is it that he wants wizardry and satanism rather than secularism to become a reality. Already we are told that the House of Prayer project will not be completed, we must forget about it. So under this President, we don’t expect respect for the church and our traditional leadership.

Meanwhile, New Congress Party president Pastor Peter Chanda has said that majority Zambians detests gayism.

Reacting to British High Commissioner Nicolas Woolley who said Zambians will decide whether to accept gayism or not, Pastor Chanda said Zambia upholds Christian values as enshrined in the Bible.

Pastor Chanda hoped that Mr. Woolley’s sentiments are not a ploy by the British government to coerce Zambia into coming up with a law that will legalizes gayism.

“We should not open doors to promote gayism in Zambia. This country upholds Christian values as enshrined in the Bible,” Pastor Chanda said before adding “Zambians detests gayism and will not embrace it at all. We can’t have man marrying a fellow man.”

And Pastor Chanda said Zambians expect promises on free education, reduction of mealie meal prices and cost of doing business to be fulfilled by President Hichilema and his Government.

He said it is sad that republican vice President Mutale Nalumango on the floor of the house refused to acknowledge the UPND’s campaign promises prior to the August 12 general elections.

“It is sad to note that Vice President Nalumango stated that she doesn’t recall the promises of reducing mealie meal prices and increase in the maize floor maize price,” Pastor Chanda said.

“President Hichilema should be sincere and come out in the open and say he never understood the governance system of the country when he was making empty promises and be honest to the Zambians about how he intends to govern the country,” he said.



  2. Shut it Christians for Lungu. No shame at all. This is the reason why we abolished the ministry of religious fimo fimo.

  3. You can tell from the way this frustrated pastor is coming out that he benefited alot for being a christian for lungu and not for the most high.
    One thing this frustrated pastor should understand is : Zambia never had this ministry for over 20yrs after its declaration as a christian nation why cry about it now?? These useless and frustrated clergymen had illegal salaries from this ministry for supporting lazy ECL, now they are crying because they won’t bootlick anymore.

  4. What a load of nonsense. Ministry of religious affairs was a waste of resources, used to police morality which is not even christian by the way. And it’s criminal to arrest people for being gay. Christianity does not oblige everyone to live by its ways, that’s why you don’t have anyone arrested for being drunk even when the Bible clearly condemns drunkenness. I’m a Christian and I believe in separation of church from state

  5. This is true, without the Ministry of Religious affairs charlatans like Seer this, and Bushiri that, would have exploited weak minded citizens to rob them of their money and morals using the name of God. We have all seen this and heard it happen everywhere. Only in Zambia did we protect our people from such by deporting them. If the agenda is not to build the Kingdom of God by a government then it is serving a satanic agenda. No middle ground. Please let them explain.

  6. Excuse me Ministry of what? I think its right name should have been the Ministry of Wicked Affairs and Street Magicians turned Men and Women of gold. Christian values? How about these: $1m each the wheelbarrows as fire trucks; where did the owner (allegedly a politically-connected person as per FIC lingua) of the 48 mysterious houses, get that fortune; who gassed, terrorised and killed Zambians for about three months; the Mukula timber scandal; the burning of markets; the purchased of expired medicines; over-priced ambulances; and the whole state capture by a bunch of shameless plunderers and crooks. These so-called ‘Christians for Lungu’ stood aloof in the face of these evil deeds! You cannot mock God!!!

  7. The bitter false pastors who were benefitting from the evil regime….
    Anyway even Jesus Christmas was sold by one of his disciples so this love of money hasn’t started today

  8. Church leaders should feel ashamed for riding on the poor. Instead of being an example like Jesus, most of them are being pharisees. They want to be served. Stop it and concentrate in doing good in society. Why do you want to be known for wrong reasons?

  9. In the beginning, God was leading the Israelites using Moses, later the pipo wanted a political leader and so King Saul happened and from then on the church has played an advisory role outside government. (e.g. prophets were only going to advise) why should this change now. Even Jesus implies it when he says ‘give to ceaser what belongs to ceaser’

  10. There are many of us who stand with the President for scrapping off the useless Ministry of Pentecostal Affairs. Religion isn’t the equivalent of the Pentecost. Did Godfridah Sumaili speak for Muslims, traditional Christians churches, Judaism, Hinduism, etc? NO! Didn’t she shock us when she decided to defend Mabumba and Sichalwe’s absurdities? There are 288 chiefs in Zambia, how can such a small group deserve an entire Ministry? If they’re part of the governance system how have their contributions been enhanced by a stand alone Ministry? How will their operations be affected by being reverted to the Ministry of Local Government? Or do they just want a Ministry for prestige? The problem we have is that we have so many people that want to speak loudly just for the sake of saying…

  11. Matter of fact that Ministry was moribund as soon as that Minister was appointed. It became the Ministry of Pentecostal Affairs and Affairs. No good reason why scrapping should come with an explanation; it is clear for any basic-level thinking person. If this guy thinks not retaining the Ministry is an attack on the church he must please specify in very specific terms what that means. Elo kulibe ati tizaka gwela mumulilo tikafa iyayi. Explain it so that all those living now will understand that imminent threat.

  12. flag Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee

    The question for me is why HH did not create “Ministry for Stupidity” to deal with stupidity like this. Here we are wasting time, energy and oxygen debating useless issues like this.

  13. flag Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee

    No wonder as a country we find ourselves at the bottom of human civilization with people like these with a low IQ to the south of 30. Unbelievable!
    Others right now are busy focused on how we can sustain human life on mars when this planet becomes inhabitable… they have already sorted out issues of economy, poverty, education, and understand very well that religion and secular state do not mix… does this guy support the creation of Islamic Sharia States in Nigeria being fought by Boka Haran?

  14. Only a fooooool can ask that question….If you want to listen to an explanation go and listen to how Never Mumba summarised this ministry, it was a hypocritical and antagonising ministry…so many pastors from one Northmead church got very rich off taxpayers money.

  15. These pastors are some of the lazy people. Just read the Bible and pray thy the kingdom come fast, it’s enough. Myself and HH are god-fearing and hardworking. To achieve this, you don’t need earthly spiritual governance but heavenly. Not under HH and my watch. If you don’t want to listen to me, go hang-yourselves!

  16. 98% of Zambians are Christian by belief only 2% of the Zambians bong to other faiths. This explains why Zambia was declared a Christian nation. The fact that constition does not prescribe that a head of state doesn’t have to be a Christian by belief is a good reason enough why HH should have left the ministry alone. The faith of the people that you choose to lead Must be respected. What HH has done is just stabb the church in the heart, when the Christians wake up they will realize how much they have been stabbed. Politicians cannot preside over the spiritual affairs of a nation. I guess it is never too late. HH should not be afraid of the church, he must just leave it alone. No one will force him to go and pray.

  17. Under Lungu meeting daily necessities became a challenge for many families and it is these same families who remain faithful to religious congregations they belong to and tithe! The more money in peoples pockets did not materialize and tithing dwindled to give rise to “Christians for Lungu” who then got fat brown envelopes relief from ‘praise sung’ Lungu! Many of these ‘special’ pastors never cared that their people suffered thus the reduced or curtailed church offerings but singing praises to “humble” Lungu and his government and going to stadiums for a spectacle dubbed “Day of National Prayer” became their obsession as “manna” kept dropping on them from “Emperor Edgar Chagwa Lungu!” Please recognize the “Chagwa” for this is these pastors position!

  18. “Religion is regarded by the poor as true, by the wise has false, and by the rulers as useful” – Seneca The Younger ( 4BCE-65 CE)

  19. There is no way the government can became a head of the Church in Zambia. It is only canal Christians who want to get money from the government. It is not right to start building the house of God using the government money. We Christians should build the house of prayer without depriving other faiths. God sends rain to Christians & non Christians.

  20. I’m a Christian but there’s no I can force my belief on another person. We can only evangelize and not coerce. That ministry makes it look like everyone must be religious when by constitution we have the freedom of attending or not attending religious gatherings

  21. Some of these pastors should also be investigated on how they acquired their wealth. That’s the only way to shut them up to keep them busy in courts.

  22. Let the President create jobs for your members to bring in tithe and offerings. That is cool cash that is free from tax. It is as simple as that!

  23. The strong lessons in the old testament are that Israel failed when it turned it’s back on God. We have seen the collapse of many empires throughout history when those empires have turned their backs on God. The people of Zambia are blessed, they are moving in the right direction when they embrace the values upheld in the Bible.

    May God bless Zambia.

  24. HH is creating a bad name for himself and it will go in the nations history of how he did what he has done , it is unfortunate people don’t respect spiritual matters and pretend there is nothing , the ministry may not have done well due to politicians taking advantage which he also did, he managed to have a large following from the same Christians and they helped him to win elections, now he has turned his back against the thing that gave him that position .

  25. I will never forget Kashimba Chimbwili then as minister of Sport suggesting the independence stadium be renamed Gabon Air Disaster Stadium. The same goes for these lunatical ministries used to conceal all manner of thieving & wicked acts! Good riddance!

  26. The President has no obligation whatsoever to explain to anyone about the creation and abolition of any ministry so to whom do you want him to explain. Before the ministry was created did you “rise to the occasion” for it to be created? How were things without it b4 2016? What is so special about the ministry anyway. This is the president’s game let him play it his way. Form an NGO for Religious Affairs I guess you will be satisfied


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