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Zambia Railways Limited is a strategic institution that cannot be allowed to die-Tayali


MINISTER of Transport and Logistics Frank Tayali says Zambia Railways Limited is a strategic institution that cannot be allowed to die.
The Minister said this yesterday after meeting at the Zambia Railways Limited Regional Office Senior Management staff led by Board Chairperson Dr. Evans Chabala and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Musonda.

Hon. Tayali was accompanied by Acting Permanent Secretary Mr. STEPHEN MBEWE and other Senior Ministry officials on his continued familiarisation tour of the Departments and institutions under his Ministry.

The Minister said it was amazing to note that despite the hardships that the company has gone through, it is still staying afloat, all because the management team is determined to soldier on.

He said there has been reports of the truck speed going as low as 15 kilometres per hour and operating with only four locomotives but is glad to not that there is a lot of interest shown in the company by other players that want to partner with the railway firm.

MINISTER of Transport and Logistics  Frank Tayali
MINISTER of Transport and Logistics Frank Tayali during the tour of Zambia Railways

The Minister added that the interest being shown is due to the policy direction that His Excellency Mr. HAKAINDE HICHILEMA President of the Republic of Zambia has given on how best to save the road network.

He said this sits well with what Government envisages and he is hopeful that progress will be made.

He however, noted with dismay that it was disheartening that attempts that were made previously that US$120 million meant to have been secured for
never went for intended purpose of rehabilitation programme of the facilities in the institution.

The Minister observed that as a country, Zambia has done a lot especially that post-independence, the country has been trend setters in the region but along the way, there seems to have been a drop hence the need to reclaiming its position as leaders.

Later the Minister was taken on an on-the-spot tour of the rail track from the Main Rail Station to Ngwerere area where along the way he was show how rampant illegal land encroachment has been in the recent.

The Minister said since the wrong has been committed, the New Dawn Administration will have to find an amicable solution in resolving the illegality that could have been perpetrated by political interference.

He said the law has to be respected by Zambians regardless of status in society.


  1. He noted that $120 m never went for intended purpose but where did it go? You have this information but are withholding it when this was part of Eurobond which we are paying for today. People need to brought in for questioning.

  2. Better to have chilufya tayali in charge than this ugly man. LT since your tribal friends got power you now moderate all pro pf bloggers. Under pf non of this moderation occurred without good reason. We are reverting into a dictatorship under this .. of a guy called hh

  3. Zambia Railways was left by PF to die a natural death, No one had interest to revive the Company. Starting from Plot ONE, Ministers, Cadres including the ZR- CEO himself were running Trucking business. The Railway crossing to Lusaka is now occupied by Street Vendors as they do not anticipate any Train passing through. SHAME……

  4. Yes find out where the money in fact went. We where in trouble the moment one Prof. Clive Chirwa wanted to spend $120m without a feasibility plan. What happened to his fancy bullet train pictures and tunneling under Lusaka for the upgraded the railway line?

  5. Son_of_the_18Million – Clive had a meticulous feasible plan that was going to cost over a billion dollars of everything being assembled in Zambia. This $ 120m was contracted or transferred when Acting Zambia Railways CEO Muyenga Atanga this is the same guy who was PS when Clive was CEO but threw spanners in the works for greed. Why are you Zambians so forgetful this happened in 2013.


  6. There is supposed to be a clearance of 50mts on either side of the railway track but PF cadres were busy building on this reserve permanent structures even getting title deeds. Kindly let the law be followed on this.

  7. Even Sata when he got in govt he made similar statements. But after borrowing 800 million euros they story changed & the money was never head of. So ba UPND, we are not surprised that you have identified the same akalilo. Once you eat we all know how railways will end up – dead

  8. Clive Chirwa, after his Zambian Railway disaster, did he not come up with this “brilliant” idea to build a car factory? Never heard from that again!

  9. Are there timely passenger, and goods trains running on Zambian railways these days? The last I visited the train station in Lusaka – before Mr Sata became President, it was a deserted and dusty place – with scheduled trains arriving 2 days later!

  10. In Prof. Clive Chirwa’s own words:

    The story begins from my study room in the UK where I was designing for my country new railway lines, wagons, passenger coaches and station buildings; while people in Zambia were celebrating Christmas and New Year. ….

    Tarino Orange, you believe the man single handedly completed all these designs in addition to doing computer simulations, all from his study, in a matter of 3-4 weeks … You are surprisingly gullible. Brother remember we not talking about building wire cars. This is a joke.

  11. Talking of Clive chirwa, the man lost me when he was claiming his electric trains will be powered by solar energy …..!

    People who know about solar energy will tell you that you can’t even power a cooker using solar energy from domestic panels….

  12. Son_of_the_18Million – Clive is not your Sean Tembo you should cracking silly sarcastic jokes…he is a professor to you and me give him respect. If you ever flown Boeing 787 and touched the windows and they dimmed and you were scared that the world was ending…Clive and team worked on them. He works with a team of Engineers.
    We can not develop with people like you who no belief in your own…if it was Tony Blair who said that he will bring France’s intercity high-speed rail service to ZRL next month you will be clapping and applauding him even if he doesnt know where the locomotive engine is placed. You are no different to that Atanga who was jealous of Clive.
    Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. We want big hitters now on this blog. You totally are now able to distinguish between those that are complete nutters and loud tins making useless noise (PF) to those wise UPND intellects. It’s amazing how things can change overnight?

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