Wednesday, February 28, 2024

16 Zambian fishermen nabbed by Congo DR on Kilwa Island


Luapula Province Permanent Secretary, Acting Nchelenge District Commissioner Stanford Nkhoma says 16 Zambian fishermen from Nchelenge have been captured by Congolese authority.

Mr Nkhoma says the Zambian fishermen were arrested as they were fishing on the Congolese side of Lake Mweru and are currently being held at Kilwa Mulenga Island in Congo.

He revealed in an interview that the Congolese authority are demanding the payment of K 16,000 as ransom for their release.

The permanent secretary said the Congolese authorities are also demanding K 10,500 for the release of the seven boats used for fishing.

Cases of Zambians being captured for fishing in the Congolese side of Lake Mweru were rampant but have now reduced since the deployment of the 48 Marine to man the lake.


  1. As a child growing up in up in the Luapula Valley we used to fish right in the Congolese side of the river right up to the river bank. Nobody harassed us. How things have changed for the worse.

  2. Kkkkkkk the treasury is indeed empty. Government failing to pay K16000?
    Get money from Faith Musonda, she has plenty in her pu$sy.

  3. I have no time to listen to that fvcking sloooow anthem.
    And there will be “introduction” right?
    This is government is slow and more boring than those PF thugs.

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