Friday, February 23, 2024

Minister of Home Affairs tells Parliament that indeed UPND will create branches in Markets and Bus Stations


Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Jack Mwiimbu has reiterated that the ruling UPND will form party branches in markets and bus stations.
Mr. Mwiimbu has supported the stance taken by UPND Lusaka Province Chairman, Obvious Mwaliteta.

Speaking in parliament, Mr. Mwiimbu said that Mwaliteta made it clear that the branches will not collect money and will not be unruly.

Mr Mwaliteta’s call has been supported Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Gary Nkombo who said that any grouping is allowed to establish branches in public places as long as they do not interfere in the operations of local authorities.

Mr Nkombo said that any grouping that includes political parties and churches has the fundamental rights of association.

“We had a meeting among ourselves with the provincial chairman of Lusaka, who has made an intimation that he was grossly misunderstood when he said that the party was going to introduce branches everywhere, including markets and bus stations,” he said. “We have looked at that statement very closely together and in line with the presidential directive”

Mr. Mwaliteta’s statement that the ruling party will establish branches in all public places, including markets and bus stations, has received condemnation. For most, the move may eventually take the nation back to the Patriotic Front (PF) days when cadres used to terrorise and extort cash from traders and bus operators in stations.

President Hichilema is on record to have directed the Police to arrest any party cadres interfering with the work of traders and council workers.


  1. Very good, ……..

    We need UPND party presence in all public spaces to sell the UPND manifesto and direction of the GRZ of HEHH to the public……..

  2. Please let’s follow the president directives. Group in markets and bus station will be the same as the time of pf. In the that association they will start drinking utu zilizili and confusions will start again and doing that even of cadres will have a chance to start joining. Let what the president said to be yes and amen. In those associations in Markets and station what are they going to do if I may as hon mwaliteta may he explains to zambians who voted pf out because of caderism

  3. Garbage out garbage in, life goes on. Incredible how you point a finger at someone but forget that three are pointing back at you. We will be vindicated but most didn’t expect this so soon.

  4. The power of cadres, they make and break governments in Zambia. I really thought New Don would do different. Is this forward or reverse?

  5. Anyone who thought you were voting for change, there you have it. Worst party ever! Before they have anything positive to show, boom, cadres back in the market and bus stops. If you thought Lungu and PF had no vision, it’s no vision x 5 for HH and UPND…Dununa reverse x 5. Absolutely no clue how to govern this country… Cry my beloved Zambia.

  6. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The ‘new yawn’ government is naive and politically immature. Learn from PF, the market branches did not start as extortion units but evolved into the role with time. What will be different this time? People want a break from cadres.

  7. So the thieving corrupt PF cadres are being replaced by thieving corrupt UPND cadres. Doesn’t sound like a huge improvement. KZ, come on, say something! ANYTHING!

  8. When a player is on the bench, it’s not because he’s a bad player, but it’s because you can only feature eleven players at a time. Sometimes the player is strategic in that he’s able to read the game from the bench. The coach sends him in as a game changer and winner. Not so with our political players. They are simply their to warm the bench. The Zambians make substitutions for the sake of giving all players a chance to play.

  9. Big mistake indeed. This is the first real strike against UPND. They are encouraging nonsense. No matter what they say about not collecting money, etc. there is simply no other purpose for them to be there.

  10. This is a new GRZ of laws for the people, by the people……..

    If UPND say they will establish offices at public spaces to better sell the direction of the new GRZ , that does not mean lawlessness……..

    They promised freedom of speech , have you seen anybody being arrested for speech likely to cause breach of peace , ? And there have been many instances……..

    Now the UPND say their offices will be maned by professional law abiding citizens to better help the public understand the UPND manifesto , …………

    You critics will be proved wrong again….

  11. To make matters worse, the guy supporting the nonsense is not even the UPND Secretary General but the Minister of Home Affairs – and a lawyer to boot – who should be in the forefront of outlawing cadreism in markets.

  12. Bad move – what does the “hon” minister expect UPND cadres to do in the bus stations and markets if not drum up money from the public? Perhaps Jack wishes UPND to be hated just as much as PF? Keep it up and see.

  13. If we talk of rule of law, Democracy and equal rights to all then we are talking of 16 Political Parties to make branches in Markets and Bus Stations ? That is the arrogance that killed PF.

  14. People voted for UPND without the party having structures in the markets and also because they got tired of being extorted by PF cadres in the markets so why bring up such nonsense now?

  15. Markets are business places. If cadres are not going to sell or buy any thing from nobody they better just vacate. Period ! Do not use political statements to justify wrong ideas it will cost you dearly.

  16. I will be interesting to hear today at 14 hours whether Bally will backtrack on his earlier promise. It will will tell us more about whether he has the ability to lead this country better.

  17. A small but critical point what happens now to all the other parties ? can or are they also to establish branches in the same areas ? Politics are by nature confrontational especially here where we dont want dissenting views this is creating flash points that have tremendous capacity to go side ways anytime. It also muzzles free speaking for fear of retaliation NEW PARTY NO CHANGE

  18. The first and last Tonga president.

    You think Zambians are fools?

    Why are Africans cursed?

    In 5 years time, HH will be like ECL…..if he does not stop this nonsense.

  19. Another u-turn, in quick succession after the first one! Why are we being given conflicting messages; and are Zambian people forever condemned to put up with the problem of cadres?

    Why does UPND need branches in markets – are we a “Party State” where the Party penetrates every bit of the people’s lives? The Government has no right to impose it’s Party operatives on citizens. UPND is now in government; not campaigning – leave the people alone – stay in Party offices. UPND should be creative and find other ways to reward their party operatives.

  20. Jigga Kayama Simangulungwa (formerly Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee)

    Unbelievable! Are you freaking kidding me? What is the intention of establishing offices in markets and bus stops… to grow the party or simply to harrass innocent people?
    Wow, I thought HH had a reign over thugs like Mwaliteta, little did I know that Mwaliteta is that powerful.
    What a failed project this thing called Zambia! What a sh*th0le country! 1 month in and this dude is lets us down like this! Sorry enjoy your shyth0le, I will retire and die right here where I am.
    And Spaka, mate grow a pair and stop being a cadre like that wannabe Kaizar Zulu from the UK.

  21. This is what power can do to people, very soon you be out of power. Do be cheated how carders do you have that you cant listen to the majority. We supported you, but if fyena you are alone ba upnd. I thought you would bring sanity in our bus stop and later in our street by removing vendors. Hope you are not taking as back, at least PF build a lot of infrastructure despite being corrupt. Your days a numbers, we are watching you.

  22. Now the war is raging what a shame to the excited voter, who put all his trust in a fellow human being to be his redeemer now things are falling apart.
    Crumbling so quickly, so much was promised is just chunk nothing will happen with those insurmountable promises and hatred will set in.
    Liers cannot build a village no not liers everything is pure lies I don’t like liers they bring stress.

  23. There was tension and signs of riots in some stations on the Copperbelt yesterday. When drivers beat your officials to pulp then you’ll know that people aren’t ready to go back to that nonsense. Keep partisan politics out of markets and bus stations. PF were there but did they win? Anyway we can’t be surprised because you’re all the same. Soon they’ll begin to control stands and loading quotas, then they’ll begin to collect money for funerals thereafter they’ll grow wings. That’s how they start

  24. I looked at my calender 3 times to make sure today is not April 1st…..ookie dookie…..Tarino Orange i think you will soon give up on your god HH….I know you’re seriously hurt and disappointed anyway try to hung out with De Javu and Future Zed this weekend they will be able to counsel you….deeper in your heart i know you’re disappointed big time with UPND…..

  25. Deploying carders in markets and bus stations is not creating employment that we are waiting for. We want sanity in public places. This mistake will cost the UPND a lot. Already Civil servants are complaining , farmers and youth too. It is too early to start making such avoidable mistakes .
    In the nature of things, this is not correct and right to hear about.

  26. One of the ministers made millions through extortion from marketeers. What do you expect. When people want change they vote for anything.

  27. We need orderly at the intercity bus station, not thuggery as had been the case with PF. I hate to see young boys following me, admiring my expensive shoes and I was always forced to employ temporary bodyguards while at intercity. This should stop, and I have no other country other than Zambia, I have refused to be a British citizen and I do not want to change my mind on this unless of course UPND treats us like PF did. I expect to see a big different at the station on my next visit.

  28. Utter nonsense. UPND should not take us for granted. Please rethink on what you are about to do otherwise you will be the worst compared to PF.

  29. @Tarino Orange
    You always ridicule me and your buddy Spaka likes to call fellow bloggers “rats”….I think that’s not cool….we are all brothers at the end of the day…Politicians fight for their own families and they just use us…you and me….look at HH’s face how happy he was when he was in the USA…his mission has been accomplished….his dream has come true but for the Zambian youths…..still languishing in poverty and yet they were promised a better life 2 weeks into government….and by the way HH stopped wearing surgical gloves courtesy of Saulosi

  30. @Tarino Orange
    You always ridicule me and your buddy Spaka likes to call fellow bloggers “rats”….I think that’s not cool….we are all brothers at the end of the day…Politicians fight for their own families and they just use us…you and me….look at HH’s face how happy he was when he was in the USA…his mission has been accomplished….his dream has come true but for the Zambian youths…..still languishing in poverty and yet they were promised a better life 2 weeks into government….and by the way HH stopped wearing surgical gloves courtesy of Saulosi


  32. These are strategic branches through which loans and marketeer empowerment will be obtained…. sad y’all getting it wrong.. viva forward

  33. Even through PLM period , which some would say , was the best in regards to the rule of law , MMD had offices in public spaces……….

    Did MMD cader thugs extort and harass the public ?????

    Emphatic noooo………there was rule of law and behaved caders.

    Looks like the public has been badly traumatised by PF caders ……….

    Seeing is believing……….you will notice the difference when the time comes.

    There will be no cader harassment or violence or intimidation of the public ……

  34. It would have been bad enough if this issue had been confirmed by the rightful offices i.e. The UPND Secretary General or indeed the the party spokes person, but it’s really scary that it took the wrong office of Hon Minister of Home Affairs to confirm a contentious party matter contrary to HEHH’s directive to to have every one sticking to their lane!!

  35. Just why would UPND create branches in markets and bus stations if not to bring back cadrelism? Who will be running those branches? Isn’t cadres? Is this action of creating these branches backed by law? Is this the change that we woke up for at 03hrs to cast our votes? UPND please don’t do this

  36. Speaking in parliament, Mr. Mwiimbu said that Mwaliteta made it clear that the branches will not collect money and will not be unruly.
    Back to the future.
    Kuya bebele. Asking to pack oneself before you even test the new house is unrully and madness.
    Ask PF about that kind of a story and pathway!!! What will make others not form parties in the same markets and the fighting continues.
    This kind of thinking will definitely show you the doors soonest. As others have said even earlier than 2026 because Zambians just hate the name cadre.

  37. At least PF became unruly and started making mistakes gradually, but upnd has hit the ground running.
    Sorry Zambian voters. Expect the worst!

  38. TARINO ORANGE LEFT SPEECHLESS….no words….UPND is in self destruction mode just less than two months in office,,,Garbage out garbage in like what FUTURE ZED says….now it will be press conferences and cadres NO JOBS…THINGS ARE GETTING VERY EXPENSIVE AND WHAT ABOUT FREE EDUCATION…

  39. Fuseke chi Mwiimbu, fuseke chi Nkombo and fuseke chi Mwaliteta.
    You almost brought shame on the president and the party.
    The president has put his foot down and this is a done issue. No more cadres in public spaces

  40. Party of lies and confusion…no wonder HH told his minions to stick to their lanes….Tarino Orange hiding in shame….Baby President no clue how to govern…..each Minister can say whatever they want even contradicting themselves…..also notice how the recovered money will end in the wrong hands again

  41. Immature Zambian politics. Both the home affairs and local government are out of order. They are supposed to be talking as front benchers not members of the ruling party. Does government support the establishment of party branches in markets and bus stops? If it does thats the beginning of officialising corruption. Government has nothing to do with political parties organization. Parliament can only enact laws to guide all parties not support any one party

  42. The PF did not have any business whatsoever to be in markets and bus stations. Just asking, maybe the UPND have a business that sells tomatoes and kandolo, and that provides bus services.

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