Wednesday, February 28, 2024

President Hakainde Hichilema’s Live Press Conference




  1. When does this under 5 work? If his not talking to press then he is flying around. He is an attention seeker. Me me me all the time. Fuseeeke

  2. The Ministry of Education is in a crisis, the Minister is still scratching his balls not knowing what to do. Parents have refused to pay school fees but schools need to pay Zesco and water bills apart from other running expenses. There’s no funding and people don’t know what to do. They need logistics to run exams. Can you say something and give directions?

  3. Bally still missed the point on PF appointed officials still at ACC, DEC , NPA, Police investigating or prosecuting fellow corrupt PF members.
    These officials were silent when the illegality was taking place and others were fired or retired in national interest for speaking out.
    Not possible.

  4. Whew… good to hear the president speak candidly and honestly. A lot of the messages were very well tuned. I was relieved but also skeptical of this change (more of the same in a different color?), but had never heard him speak so much before (PF basically shut him up) and think now there is good reason believe Zambia may just be onto something really good. I hope…!

    So well done but next time the prez. should be more brief. There was a lot of repetition with exceedingly long and rambling answers! The questions were good but are many other things to talk about and would have liked to hear more than nine questions in a two and a half hour event. Imagine. Next time little less posturing and more to the point.

  5. Anthony Bwalya is too polished, boring and indeed not attracting excitement from journalists.
    Why explain how questions should be framed to HH?
    Results: no journalists stepped up to ask kekekekekeke.
    Anthony was saved by that new UPND Cadre with yellow jacket, whada fvck is his name again?

  6. I watched the entire press briefing and he accounted well for himself. I hope he continues in the same spirit, vigor, and straight fowardiness. I was glad he came back to issue of cadreism in public places and made it crystal clear that this behavior ought to end forthwith…..I say hallelujah and praise God to that! This sort of behavior at our markets, buss stations, and other public spaces was so vexing and annoying the times I have been back home. People like Mwaliteta, if not kept in check, the type that will make your presidency ugly and unattractive in very short order. Public spaces in all our cities are a domain for the City Council to run and manage, and there are Laws and regulations to that effect. Nowhere in the law are political cadres cartered for as being part of the…

  7. Continue…

    management regime/s that should run markets, buss stations, and the like. If political party cadres need a place to meet and do politics, let them rent office space far away from public spaces. It can’t be politics day in day out and everywhere citizens go. Not even the church behaves this way but they are able to spread God’s good word. Political parties can also do the same. On this one, the President should stand firm and uncompromising, And he will be rewarded for it politically. Let us have a country and society we can all be proud to call home for a change!

  8. #7  Saulosi
     September 30, 2021 At 8:20 pm

    There you have it…you must be President is clueless and following in Lungu’s footstep…”

    Even just a mere press conference seems an archivment, that’s how useless your lungu was…….

  9. A president who is full of talk brings for nothing. In his talk he makes more and more unfruitful promises.
    You must be familiar of the saying, walk the talk.
    ECL walked the talk not this cheap propaganda.
    Work and do a good job. We will laud you.
    Talk is cheap.
    The taste of the pudding is in the eating.

  10. @ Kaizar Zulu: Stop your bitterness, you stole a lot and return back the money. Can you compare HH to your Drunken Lungu? The man with you people, finished our Country. What a relief that we now have a smart professional President.

  11. I feel our president must get focused on fulfilling his inaugural and campaign promises these long long speeches for now we don’t need them the cost of living high hence people have more expectations from the new dawn time to work is now.

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