Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Mampi steps out of her comfort zone with visually stimulating new video ‘Paipa Panja’


Queen Diva Mampi released the video for her latest single ‘Paipa Panja’.


  1. Namanje paipa panja kaili your mwankoles are out in the cold from government and those backpacks full of cash are no longer in the vicinity.

  2. Nostradamus, whoever you are, your comments denigrating independent women who work hard are beyond chauvinism and ignorance. Either you are squint eyed, have tunnel vision or outright averse to to women empowerment. Your language S.. ax! You may not like her music, or her, just don’t make everything political or despicable. You sound like a frustrated hound who can’t get it. Try again, you might ! You will learn how to sing. Good luck!

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