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Millers Association praises President Hichilema for expressing willingness to establish formal trade links with DRC


The Millers Association of Zambia has commended President, Hakainde Hichilema for expressing willingness to establish formal trade links with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Speaking in an interview with in Kitwe today, Association President, Andrew Chintala said the millers will capitalize on the potential of the Congolese market and bring in the much needed forex into the country.

Mr. Chintala said the Congolese market has been under exploited for a long time saying much of the trade activities between Zambia and that country are illegal which does not bring revenue into the national coffers.

“We are going to position ourselves and realign ourselves so that we can increase our stocks and get ready to export to the new DRC market,” he said.

He has called on relevant authorities to actualize the pronouncement by President Hichilema of enhancing trade between Zambia and DRC.

“With the rains around the corner, farmers can prepare to plant more for them to exploit the DRC market in a formal way, we can talk of exporting but if we do not produce enough, we will not manage to export,” he said.

He further stated that the Millers will continue buying maize from farmers even beyond the earlier set deadline of October 1 so that they can position themselves for formal exports to DRC.

Yesterday during a press conference in Lusaka, President Hichilema said his administration will formalize trade activities between Zambia and DRC.


  1. It’s a two way thing. You have total freedom and prices of commodity drastically drops. Tighten security the product becomes a little scarce and prices go up.
    Be careful with what you wish fall.

  2. These organisations like Millers Association of Zambia sat back watching PF cadres and officals like Bowman smuggle maize meal at will into DRC for 7 years…now they are shamelessly praising

  3. Another cartel which needs to be broken.They finance ruling parties and take the poor zambians for granted. FRA needs to be audited a.s.a.p and money recovered . Some millers are known to get maize at very low price from FRA and make deals across borders obviously by giving cuts to authorities.

  4. In the short term, the country could experience mealie meal shortages.

    I mean why would anyone sell a bag of maize in Zambia for 100 ZMW when they can sell that same bag for 500 ZMW in Kasumbalesa?

    The government will need to tread very carefully on this matter.

  5. These praises …even when HH coughs someone out there will be busy heaping praises. ..looks like people are really scared of losing their jobs

  6. And am sure you’ve all noticed that all the people praising HH are PF leftovers and they’re just doing it so they don’t get fired…and HH being a dull baby President..those praises mean so much to him and they won’t be fired…am sure they’ve studied HH and they know that he likes being praised

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