Thursday, February 29, 2024

Zambia Qualifications Authority launches National Occupational Standards


The Zambia Qualifications Authority (ZAQA) has launched National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the energy sector that will address the mismatch that exists between job performance requirements and skills development in the energy sector.

ZAQA Board Chairperson, Ann-Mary Ononuju says the six standards launched include the bio digester installer, coded welder, energy auditor, LPG Installer, Non-destructive test engineer and the solar PV Installer.

Speaking during the launch, Mrs. Ononuju said the National Occupational Standards launched are vital to the Energy Sector as they will contribute to improving the efficiency and productivity of the workforce in the sector.

She said the NOS describes good practices in all major areas of occupation and allows employees to get a good understanding of what they need to know for their job and what they need to do on their job.

She stated that the National Occupational Standards play a vital role in economic development.

Mrs. Ononuju disclosed that to date ZAQA has launched National Occupational Standards for the Agriculture/Aquaculture, Tourism, Manufacturing, Construction and Mining sectors.

She noted that the government is aware that there have been concerns from the industry with regard to the skills gap that exists in key economic sectors of the country.

Mrs. Ononuju stated that the Government is therefore ready to work in partnership with the private sectors in undertaking collaborative efforts aimed at enhancing economic sector performance to develop and improve the economy.

She urged the private sector players to continue to participate in the development and implementation of National Occupational Standards in their respective sectors.


  1. @Musa, obviously that one is Nigerian or probably married to a Nigerian. are these standards not just the stuff from QCTO, (SAQA) in South Africa. We need to be careful, QCTO is Quality Council for Trades and Occupational qualifications, it oversees more than 20 SETAs in South Africa. SETA is sector education training authority.

  2. Should have included tailoring……..

    There is need to open zambias cotton manufacture for all GRZ uniforms , schools, army , ZP, ZAF………

    Using Zambian cotton………

    An offshoot of this could be manufacture of zippers and buttons using recycled plastics in zambia……..

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