Sunday, March 3, 2024

Zambia concludes technical discussions with IMF


The Government last Friday concluded its consultative meetings with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff on economic reform priorities.

During the meetings, government set out its key policies and priorities for the 2022 National Budget and 2022-2024 Medium Term Expenditure Framework.

Speaking at the conclusion of the talks, Minister of Finance Situmbeko Musokotwane thanked the IMF team for accepting to hold the talks at short notice.

Dr. Situmbeko further appreciated the team for the valuable input into the economic policy direction of government for 2022 and the medium term.

“The talks enriched the 2022 Budget Framework as well as the 2022-2024 Medium Term Expenditure Framework. We now hope to move forward with holding programme discussions with the IMF in the coming few weeks,” he said.


  1. The UPND government is one months old. And they are already holding such highly level meetings – PF cadre “De Javu” how do u describe this meeting? Long notice?

  2. 1. Fuel subsidies abolished, price increase approximately 60-70%
    2. Zesco subsidies abolished, price increase approximately 75-100%
    3. VAT increase to 19.5%
    4. Civil servants salaries freeze
    5. MP salaries decrease 30%

  3. Our Biggest problem is ZRA
    The biggest revenue collector and in a big mess losing millions
    the web portal they rushed into still not working properly after 2 years

  4. No corruption in Zambia .
    I would like to agree with this guy I have named above IMF is a self made problem and self imposed problems how ever those politicians in power will celebrate because of the lucrative incentives they will get for selling out the poor Zambian.
    We saw it in 1991 and in 1988 the same foolishness is being repeated by experience politicians like Musokotwane Dr.
    Musokotwane knows exactly what is coming to kill Zambians, life will be more Un bearable than it is today , how I pity rose young people who were lining up to sign their Death Note.

  5. Hahahaha modern day slavery….with all the resources we have still begging to eat crumbs falling from a white man’s table when we can make a table of our own…..just why do we put ourselves down…why Africa why…why Zambia why….now IMF is calling all the shots and they’re laughing at us like most of African countries…it’s a shame

  6. @5 – Saulosi,
    Clearly, bro, ulesabaifye….you cracking the same jokes over and over…….
    The issue is that you only think of IMF in terms of borrowing, HH has said there is a borrowing freeze…what they are asking for are the structural changes that should provide confidence to the international lenders in orderfor them to agree to new terms and conditions on LOANS that your ECL/PF government has brought Zambia into.

    HH is not your problem, the problem is your ECL and PF government that borrowed 13bil……..13bil, i repeat. But you are here busy reaping someone who is trying to do something about it. ECL FAILED, and was DOING NOTHING !! Think about it.

  7. @ 5 – Saulosi and your friend,

    ” First targeted European Investment Bank ( support for sustainable agriculture investment in Zambia; Initiative to increase access to finance, support job creation and enhance agricultural productivity; Impact strengthened by agriculture and financial best-practice technical assistance; Dedicated focus to increase access to finance by female smallholders. ”

    Are you still going to kubwata..bwata?
    This represents the first targeted support for agriculture in Zambia by the European Investment Bank, the world’s largest international public bank Access Multimedia Content.


  8. IMF support is okay but should not lean o much on it. There are so many local tools that the UPND government can use to transform the Zambian economy. Such as (1) decentralize government expenditure on local projects (2) reform the Zambian National Service (ZNS)….this institution has potential to employ 100,000 youths across the country and (3) implement a National Innovation Strategy to integrate innovation in various sectors of the country.

  9. @General Kanene
    Do you know what IMF is all about and why it was formed….you need to do more reading and research…and please don’t Google just go to your nearest bookstore and get yourself a book and read about IMF…..

  10. It won’t take much time from now when we shall be pointing at you and telling you how foolish you were to do what you are crying for , since we know how the western world looks at an African, you may sugar coat anything but it will be yourself who will unwise, we have seen this before and nothing has changed with these one sided clubs in the western world.

  11. #8Blago. The other ideas are okay except the National Service. This has been tried before and expect for NCOs and COs the majority of the general service men have always absoconded. It’s not different from the Chinese way of population organization. Eritrea use it and most of the recruits run away some even abandoning the country altogether.

  12. #2 We Voted…. you seem to have a short memory Upnd Cadre. When this thing started a month ago it was pointed out that the meeting with the IMF was still going to take place even if the your PF had retained power. Therefore it’s not SHORT NOTICE. Once you stop deluding yourself you will start thinking straight. And I am sure once the conditions start to bite you will start blaming other people instead of accepting the reality.

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