Friday, February 23, 2024

Kalulushi District Acting DC directed all mining companies in Chambishi to immediately casualization of labour


Kalulushi District Acting District Commissioner Zakeyo Kamanga directed all mining companies in Chambishi to immediately end the rampant casualization of labour.

Mr Kamanga says contrary to the Laws of Zambia, most of the mining companies in Kalulushi are engaging most of the companies are engaging workers on casual labour basis.

Speaking when he toured Goldtech Copper processing plant along the Sabina road Mr. Kamanga challenged the mine owners to put all workers on permanent pensionable jobs.

“Our country’s labour laws on casualization are clear, it is wrong for employees to work as casuals for a long period of time.” Said Mr Kamanga.

He observed that most of the foreign owned mining companies operating in Kalulushi do not follow labour laws.

“This is the fourth time am visiting this mine but nothing has changed, the environment is still poor while workers’ salaries are still also pathetic, ” said Mr Kamanga.

And one of the affected casual workers Benjamin Nyirongo informed the acting DC that there are currently over one hundred casual workers engaged on six months renewable contracts.

But Goldtech Copper processing plant General manager Lee Tone assured the government that they will start remitting statutory obligations to NAPSA while at least twenty more workers will be put on permanent employment.


  1. Of the government departments that have failed that of labour tops the list. The Labour Commissioner must justify why labour officers should continue being on the GRZ payroll. The other failures are labour leaders. Their greed for money has rendered the labour movement irrelevant. And that’s how nations are destroyed

  2. What law gives this man that authority? Bushe ni ndalama sha ba nyoko? He thinks that if he barks the UPND government will retain him. An employer has the right to decide how many hours he wants to engage an employee.

  3. #1 Ayatollah… Union leaders are compromised. All MUZ officials have contracts with the mines and if they refute we shall publish their company names.

  4. Those casual labourers, who are now complaining about not having a permanent contract, won’t say a word when they find out that the rates are a lot lower when they go permanent. Same as the workers on my farm: they prefer to be on weekly piece work, rather than get paid less permanently.

  5. Why don’t u offer the workers employment mr Kamanga. You have stollen plenty land and overcharged those same mines who in return can’t offer us good salaries.

  6. #4 No Corruption Yes it’s a no win situation. Imagine a situation where the owner of the company says he has no vacancies for permanent employment so if Mr Zakeyo Kamanga doesn’t want casualization then, he’s got no option but to cancel their contracts… what do you think the casual worker’s reaction will be? Of course Mr Kamanga will automatically become the enemy. This is our current situation unlike in my time when I had the luxury to choose who to work for and dictate conditions.

  7. Kalulushi District Acting DC directed all mining companies in Chambishi to immediately casualization of labour.

  8. The Editor….All the media houses in Zambia especially the so called social media have thrown caution to the winds it is so frustrating day in and day out to see their mistakes Is it due to employing a generation coming from leaked exams?

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