Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Nevers Mumba Rubbishes Resignation and Sabbatical Story on SOcial Media




  1. Better go back to the pulpit you were great their!!!!!!!!!!!!! leave that skeleton called MMD…………. Or better retire you were once vice President of Zambia which is like President and you failed………………………

  2. Man who literally speaks in tongues… during the fight against one Party democracy he said their would be civil war if MMD won the election ( no war broke out) Next he forms something called Citizens and refutes it’s not political because as a pastor he had reached a level higher than the Republican presidency but he fields candidates in the general election, next he sneaks to Mwanawasa and somehow gets the vice presidency. RB appoints ambassador he accepts, comes back takes up the MMD presidency and destroys the party.

  3. What difference does it make ? This undisciplined joker turned into a upnd puppet the very moment he realised hh had successfully stolen the election. He is now waiting for a diplomatic job kiki

  4. Nevers Mumba stole embassy furniture in Canada and Mwanawasa fired him for insubordination…he should just retire from Politics he got zero votes

  5. Another would-be politician who failed to get more than 0.00001% of the votes during the election, but doesn’t understand that Zambians don’t want him anymore. Go dig a hole and hide in it!

  6. Sends BOWMAN to beat General Kachinga out of the MMD office. The old man was dragged like a dog from the office. What a shame! Zambia is christian nation ? Zambia Shall be saved?

  7. Sir , just accept that you are a failed politician. Everything you touch collapses. Citizens Coalition collapsed. Republican party collapsed. As VEEP you were fired. As High commiissioner to Canada..Fired. Attempts at presidency…failed.(Zeros). Fight against Rupiah …failed. Fight against Mutati ..Failed( Mutati is now in govt). New hope MMD lost even the few seats that Rupiah left in Parliament. MMD has no seat in parliament. …….Not sure about the success of Victory ministries.

  8. Nevers belongs to a very strong and growing pentecostal church in Zambia. A pioneer of tele evangelism. Founder of Victory ministries. Belongs to a strong network of Pentecostal Bishops , deacons, apostles, overseers etc. I JUST WONDER THE PENTECOSTALS HAVE NOT SUPPORTED HIS PRESIDENTIAL BIDS. why dont they give him that vote he so desperately need?

  9. Dr. You really need to take a critic on your political path.

    At large, a reasonable population in Zambia can confirm that you ve not progressed rather killed further the MMD party. If continued this way, you will destroy and kill MMD.

  10. Attention seeking…he made up the so called fake story and now he is pretending like he didn’t do it all this to get the attention of HH and Zambians who rejected him.,…..he knows without such fake stories he wont be in the news….i understand these Politicians very well…he has noticed that no one is paying him any attention…and by the who cares if he is in Politics or not….Zambian voters showed him how they feel about him

  11. The only reason Mumba is hanging on is because he is using MMD to sustain him financially.

    If HH offered him a job as a Diplomat especially in UK, USA, Canada and Germany, Mumba will abandon MMD and come up with an excuse and take the job.

    He did not want to campaign. He chose just to lock himself, fast and pray hoping for a Biblical Miracle.

    Nevers Mumba. Please your time is up. This is embarrassing and shameful, wanting to hang on to MMD.

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