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Wife burns husband with hot water


A 36 year old man of Mushitala area in Solwezi district is nursing serious burns after his wife poured hot water on him following a marital dispute.

North-Western Province Deputy Commissioner of Police, Fred Mulenga confirmed the incident in Solwezi today and identified the victim as Lwiji Lwiji.

Dr. Mulenga said the incident which happened on September 30, 2021 left the victim with burns all over his body.

“Facts of the matter are that the couple were having misunderstandings, which was sorted out. On September 30, the wife was not feeling well so the husband suggested that she take her to the hospital but she refused, that’s how the husband went to sleep around 17:00 hours and told the wife that if she feels bad, she should wake him up,” Dr. Mulenga explained.

Dr. Mulenga further confirmed that the wife to the victim, Nevai Soko then poured hot water on her husband while he was sleeping and then ran away carrying her two children.

He said the victim was rushed to the hospital by neighbours after calling for help.

“That’s how neighbours came and rushed him to the hospital after he shouted for help,” he said.

Dr. Mulenga has since advised couples to dialogue and not resort to taking the law into their own hands.


  1. Last week a husband killed his wife in Solwezi. It’s very sad that we are losing lives through domestic violence. Let’s find ways to educate couples to love.

  2. Voshokana ivi I thought it was a thing of the past? What is going on kansi. Lwiji must sue for assault and whatever it is that comes with that crime. Whether or not enzeko irresponsible the punishment cannot equal the crime as per Neval Soko mwe. Ine na vunduka anso.

  3. When a woman pours hot water on a man it means there’s another man involved. Arrest her and ensure that she goes to prison.

  4. The irony of those that claim to be victims every time they do such society just looks aside. If a study is to be made ,then we will realize GBV against men is well on rise.

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