Friday, March 1, 2024

Mwata Kazembe reprimanded the PF for tolerating indiscipline among its party cadres


The Mwata Kazembe has strongly reprimanded the Patriotic Front party for tolerating indiscipline among its party cadres.

Speaking when PF vice president Hon. Given Lubinda paid a courtesy call on him, the Mwata Kazembe said indiscipline within the rank and file of the former ruling party cost President Lungu victory in the August 12 elections.

He said the PF needs to do an introspection if they are to emerge as a strong and formidable opposition party.

The Mwata said that despite the confusions in the party, former President Edgar Lungu remained silent without reprimanding wrongdoers.

The Mwata said that the loss should be a wake-up call to the PF and its leaders adding that the postmortem should be able to reveal where the party went wrong.

“The PF started well but I was surprised that along the way it became indisciplined with a lot of infighting and factions and the President couldn’t do anything,” He said.
“Even in a home when parents are not speaking out when children are misbehaving, levels of indiscipline become high. In Kaunda days you could not see indiscipline like what we used to see in PF,” he said.

And the Mwata warned against scrambling for positions in the PF as this may destroy the party. He said as the PF heads to the convention, credible people should be chosen to lead the party into the 2026 elections.

And Hon. Lubinda said that the party learned a lesson from the election loss and is willing to change by ensuring that each member asks him or herself ask themselves where they went wrong.

He assured the traditional leader that once the postmortem report is ready, it will be presented to him so that he would be able to advise.


  1. Hon Lubinda, now what, pf is gone. it was a horrible horrible party. We have been telling don’t start by criticizing the present government before you clean yourself, it will not work, especially some of you campaigning on tribal line. Zambian were tired, they need a break of at least 20 years.

  2. There are great people who can lead the pf party, but in its current form of the Hons Kambwili, Lubinda, Lusambo, Chama, Nakachinda just to mention a few, the party is gone. Of course those who want to eat with you the loot. they will stick around for a bit, but serious Zambians, voters, they definitely do not want to go back to that dangerous regime again

  3. Still speaking about the past iwe ka mwata. We now have a new and effective party. Pf was infiltrated by upnd thugs who masqueraded as pf to paint a bad picture about the party. They clearly succeeded and won through lies and deceit. They will all burn in hell.

  4. Kaiser ,stop smoking ganja madnesses is not in absence of visual and auditory cortex hallucinations. PF died with Bashi Chilufya baSata


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