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UK Government gives Zambia education fund to build and expand schools across the country


British High Commissioner to Zambia Nicholas Woolley says the United Kingdom government is committed to supporting the education sector in Zambia.

Mr. Woolley disclosed a 7 million Pounds education funding to build and expand schools across the country.

He said the funding is designed to increase secondary school places through new and extended schools as well as increase the quality of school leadership and teaching in more remote parts of Zambia.

The British High Commissioner said this during the official opening of the Chevening Alumni Association of Zambia Annual General Meeting in Lusaka today.

Mr. Woolley explained that the funding will be delivered through a partnership between the Zambian government, PEAS-a UK schools’ social enterprise who also have a very successful network of schools in Uganda, and the British Council.

He stated that the funding will support 3,800 new school places by building three new schools and four school expansions reaching over 70,000 children over the lifecycle of the schools.

“The schools will be built in areas currently underserved by secondary schools at locations identified in partnership with the government,” he said.

Mr. Woolley noted that the funding will include technical assistance to support education policy and improve access and quality for secondary education.

“I hope this new programme will provide greater opportunities for more Zambians and perhaps enable them to become Chevening Scholars in future.

And Minister of Education Douglas Siakalima commended the British government for their continued support to extending learning opportunities for the Zambian people.

Mr. Siakalima said this has added real value to the country’s growth prospects by capacitating the country’s human capital in various fields such as agriculture, development studies among others.

He said Zambia will continue to rely on the friendship and solidarity shared between the two countries.

The minister said this in a speech read on his behalf by the Ministry of General Education Director for University Charles Mulenga.


  1. Donations from the West are not really donations but essentially quid pro quo. Am sounding a warning to the so called New Dawn Government.

  2. Thank you very much Commissioner Woolley, I do hope you will ensure that the schools are built “across the country” – as you have put it; not just select provinces….as this will be a kick in the teeth of all those who voted for change “across the country”.

  3. It’s all thanks to the good will earned by the New Dawn government. The future is bright with HH and his team in government. Rest in peace PF government.

  4. Lazi @ 1, please seek help if u don’t know wht Britain is looking for in the world. They just want good friends around the world to do business with.

  5. We are still waiting for the free education which was promised by that false prophet hakainde Hitler(HH).

    As Africans we need to be careful which sectors we allow imperialists to donate to . This is because there is nothing free in this world. How can you stop a country who has funded your education from controlling what you learn or get taught? Education is the quickest way to indoctrinate a society. Hh is an oreo- black outside but whlte inside.

  6. I wonder what sectors the same Imperialists donated to under PF? I wonder what western loans and grants for health, education, WASh< that PF refused. The only difference is that PF stole a good chunk of it.
    STFU you hypocrites.

  7. So the whole deal was not about debt but where to get debt from.
    In case you’re still blindfolded by a red cloth.
    Lies lies lies. You stand for the truth. You stand alone.

  8. Sarah ask it.

    The UK support is evidence of the confidence that they have in the new dawn govt. Put a townga in power this is what you get.

  9. Wait for free education in 2026 as we are now building schools.we have started by
    Getting cadres out.We have tried the eastern
    Aid last ten years now let’s try the west.

  10. Indigo it will be better to leave that Eastern rat free because it will suffer more in the hands of the Zambian public. It was recently almost beaten at chita Lodge recently.
    It was power less.

  11. If UK and Zambian Government earnest supporting the education sector in Zambia. Their should set aside just £1 million of that £7 million to set up Internal control to Monitor the hard Owned taxpayers of the British people.

  12. Just be grateful for the pittance you get. Where are you going to find resources to build new schools? We also need someone to fund (retrain) teachers to improve the quality of our school leavers. You compare a Kenyan or Zimbabwean school leaver to a Zambian, you understand why we can’t compete with these people. I sometimes reviewed applications for international jobs, our applicants made me feel embarrassed that they couldn’t bother to get grammar right.

  13. Donations 2021 and some morons are celebrating….it’s a shame…why can’t they donate to their own black citizens suffering in the UK…ask yourself this question….

  14. Zambia should seriously consider donating food to Britain because the country is going through a tough time. Brexit is hitting home and some uranium donation to keep the energy bills down for poor families will go a long way. Zambia should be committed to help out a friend in need.

  15. I do look forward to a day when we will not get aid or donations for education, agriculture, and health above others. These donations are insidious and before you know it you have a dependency that is later used to armtwist you. Nimuuzani. Let’s wean ourselves from these things mwa wantu. And if you look at what is donated you will see it is cash we have but are squandering on baby mamas and nonsense like that.

  16. Steve @ 13, that’s absolutely the truth. Our schools aren’t teaching the basics properly. U don’t hv to look far to find evidence of that.

  17. We have a 5 year mandate, so free education can even be given in our fifth year, not sure why disfunctional PF is panicking over our free education promise

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