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The Chingwere turn-off Road Accident that claimed 9 lives was caused by driver negligence and excessive speed-RTSA


The road traffic accident investigations conducted by the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA), to establish the cause of the Chingwere turn-off road traffic accident in which nine (09) people died and several sustained serious injuries has revealed that the crash was caused by driver negligence and excessive speed.

The investigations report indicates that the accident happened on Saturday evening, 9th October 2021 along the Great North Road at Chingwere turn-off area in Lusaka, involving a Sino Hiwo truck registration mark AOB 3515zm, belonging to United Trillion Zambia Limited and Mitsubishi Rosa bus registration mark BAK 9787, a Public Service Vehicle belonging Kitie Mofya Chisela.

The accident investigations have established that the driver of the truck, did drive without reasonable due care to other road users by failing to keep to his lane, failed to control the vehicle and was driving at excessive speed in a built-up area resulting in the loss of lives.

The investigations have further indicated that despite the inappropriate cutting-in by the driver of the Hiace bus in front of the truck, the driver of the truck, could have controlled the vehicle if he was driving at the appropriate speed limit.

The reports has further revealed that circumstances leading to the road crash indicate that the accident occurred when the driver of the truck who was driving from northern to southern direction swerved to the right side lane to avoid colliding with the Hiace bus that had wrongly changed lanes and in the process lost control of the truck, crossed to the opposite lane thereby colliding with Rosa bus that was moving from southern to northern direction.

The RTSA is of the view that the driver of the truck who is currently on the run, acted negligently, violated the driver’s duty of reasonable care and demonstrated to be a danger to other road users.
And the RTSA sends its message of condolences to the bereaved families and wishes the injured a quick recovery, describing the accident as tragic and unfortunate.

This is according to a statement released to the media by Fredrick Mubanga, the Road Transport and Safety Agency Head-Public Relations.


  1. It’s laughable that RTSA can issue such a statement. It seems they’re trying to defend themselves. All 3 drivers involved are licensed by RTSA. It’ll be better to review the conditions for one to obtain the passenger PSV license. Let it be through accredited driving schools just to ascertain that the person applying has undergone adequate training in defensive driving. Drivers that graduate from ITC are better than those minibus drivers that have been granted PSV licenses. Obstruction is a serious offense in the penal code but why does RTSA want to underplay it? That driver may be on the run because he feared to be lynched not that he was guilty. Suppose the bus that obstructed the truck were found would RTSA leave that driver scot-free?Please leave law enforcement to the Police, they…

  2. The government must put a law that requires every motorist to have a dashcam on their car dashboard. This will also help and ease investigations on road accidents. It will also help RTSA put measures that will avoid future accidents.

  3. True Zambian Idea! Not relaying on site witness. with their ” Uyo eze bwelauku, achita over teki! but uja sana mupasa chance!!!!!!

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