Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Kazungula farmers cry for empty grain bags from FRA


Some farmers in Ngwezi ward in Kazungula district, who took their maize to Ngwezi satellite depot, have asked government to provide them with empty grain bags as soon as possible.

The farmers complained that they have been sleeping at the depot for over three months now waiting for the Food and Reserve Agency (FRA) to purchase their produce.

A check by ZANIS at Ngwezi depot yesterday revealed that most of the grain bags are damaged and the maize might go to waste very soon.

Sydney Siantwala, who spoke on behalf of other farmers, requested the new dawn government to quickly address their plight.

And Kazungula District Cooperation Union chairman Elias Muluwa said farmers in the area were suffering and needed urgent help from the government.

“Farmers have brought their maize here for three to four months now. The rains are coming very soon. Look at the bags of maize which are tearing up resulting to maize pouring out. This situation is unacceptable to hard working farmers,” Mr. Muluwa lamented.

He said farmers were suffering hence government should assist them by providing them with empty grain bags.

Meanwhile, Katombola Member of Parliament Clement Andeleki assured the farmers of Ngwezi ward that government will purchase empty grain bags for their maize.

Dr. Andeleki, who addressed the people of Ngwezi ward at the central market yesterday, bemoaned the poor leadership of the previous regime saying the Patriotic Front (PF) government did not plan properly about the procurement of maize in the area.


  1. Just give them the bags and stop using the word PF whenever you are faced with a problem. Don’t blame your predecessor we all know what they did and did not do that is why we substituted them. Personally am tired of hearing PF. We might as well start blaming UNIP and MMD.

  2. #1 Hypocrisy is one of the things we are good at in this country. Like you have said we know what they did or didn’t do. The previous goverments was bad of course but where the provision of the grain bags and in put was concerned, by this time of the year we would have received them. People shouldn’t try to flatter the new government by accusing the former government at each and every turn. The new government shouldn’t be taken in by such lies. If truly the former government was completely useless, how did we continue achieving good harvests? Talk of kicking a dead horse.

  3. Keave PF alone. On this they have been on point. Year in year out good havest. You you were not ready to rule, you should have left PF to continue

  4. Blame game is a sign of failure it means you have no ideas of your own then you are relying on your predecessor , your ideas cannot sustain you and you have no plan just going around cycles this is what we saw right from the beginning of this childish government.
    They are now the chimbwi no plan or chipantepante something to laugh at they kept on boasting that they express ! now what we are seeing are beans and corruption in all sectors starting from state house, it is all fear and paranoia not sure what to say or do they remain indiceisive because they are all guilty of what they committed in their history , now how do they judge innocent ECL who has done any wrong .
    What they looted is still them they cannot hide it since that is the evidence of the evil they committed…

  5. The money for bags went to campaign for PF, thats a fact. Some entrepreneur in Kazangula could be making money selling empty bags but alas boma iyanganepo or some sharp foreign person to come and capitalise on it. Maybe its a contract from FRA that we are waiting for.

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