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HH has failed to fix things in the country and has resorted to fixing people-Lubinda


Patriotic Front party vice president Hon. Given Lubinda has said that Republican President Hakainde Hichilema has failed to fix things in the country and has resorted to fixing people.

Speaking in the Zimba district, when he drummed up support for Mulafu ward PF candidate Xray Siaswika, Hon. Lubinda said when in opposition, President Hichilema thought running a country was an easy task.

Hon. Lubinda said President Hichilema has proved that he is blank about running the affairs of the country.

He said the Head of State despite firing some permanent secretaries he has failed to replace them, a sign that he doesn’t know what he is doing.

Hon. Lubinda has since called on the people of Mulafu ward to shame the UPND by not voting for their councilor in the by-election slated for October 21.

And Hon. Lubinda disclosed that some members of the Patriotic Front are still in hiding for fear of being attacked by the UPND cadres.

He said that it is unfortunate that despite a peaceful transition of power, the UPND has continued attacking PF members in most parts of the country.


  1. HH is methodical, your Simon Miti is gone and soon your incompetent boards are following suit. Mr. Lubinda spend that money wisely as it’s source will soon be dry. We know you have hidden millions in your concubines homes but all that is going back to the people of zambia.

  2. Shut it lubinda. You failed. Let hh rule in peace.

    For me I am just waiting for equal rights for homosexuals. We have a progressive government and need to move with the times

  3. This ***** does not understand that HH is assembling a team to work.
    Fixing this and his moron will take time. Empty tins makes a lot of noise.

  4. Lubinda,
    PF is fixing itself, unless you people are so NOT to see or hear what is going on in your party. Your empty “checks and Balances” shows you have nothing to offer other than mention HH. You seem to continue in the same trend that PF knows very well.
    WHAT HAVE YOU DONE OR ACHIEVED SINCE YOU ANNOUNCED YOUR SO-CALLED RE-BRANDING OF PF? Zero. And yet you have the audacity to attack HH. Just sh.ud up!!!

  5. PF had many years in power. The economy is in ruins. The kwacha is at an all time low. Unemployment is the highest it has ever been. And you Given Lubinda have the nerve to criticize Edgar China Lungu’s successor? If it was down to me you and the entire PF leadership would be in JAIL just for failing the Zambian people. Get lost.

  6. Oh please LT, stop this dumb moderation stuff, it’s completely outrageous. I haven’t said one word that can’t be published

  7. Methodical my assss…this liar baby President has no idea what he is doing..I told you soon it will be press conference after press conference and firing innocent people and replacing them with his loyalists HH IS A BIG SELL OUT AND ONE TERM PRESIDENT

  8. PF is re-organising under Given, pf will come out strong in the next one year.

    We have learnt a lesson that will not be repeated once upnd is voted out in 2026.

    Viva PF.

  9. Were I Lubinda, I would shut up. Very soon, they will be investigating why garbage collection in Kabwata constituency was awarded to him while LCC is alive and suffering from idle coffers.

  10. I think UPND should concentrate on fulfilling the promises made during campaign. The corruption you people keep talking about just role back to 2011/2012 our current finance minister was found with 1,250 bicycles MMD then was using to corrupt voters. He was the Treasurer of RB who then was being talked about as having the most corrupt government in the history of Zambia. Part of the team was Mutati too. Today these are with UPND so stop this corruption talk and work because UPND as corrupt people too in higher offices.

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