Monday, April 15, 2024

Accountants urged to fight corruption


Acting Kasempa District Commissioner, Nebooth Lubelenga said the fight against corruption should be taken serious by everyone if the country is to combat the vice.

And Mr Lubelenge has implored accountants in the district to act in public interest so that they can combat corruption.

Speaking during the official opening of the corruption sensitization meeting, Mr Lubelenge said transparency and trust starts with accountants.

“Our offices especially accounts and procurement that is where we deal with a lot of money, this might lead some people to act in personal interest,” Mr Lubelenga said.

Mr Lubelenga reminded the accountants of the fight against corruption that President Hakainde Hichilema has embarked on.

“The President is emphasizing on this, he does not want corruption of any form in the new dawn government,” he said.

And Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) Community Education Officer, Jackson Mweemba called for a multi-sectorial approach in fighting corruption.

“We should be colleagues and we should help each other in the fight against corruption,” Mr Mweemba said.

Mr Mweemba further assured the whistle blowers that they are protected by the constitution hence they should not be scared of reporting corruption cases.


  1. It’s just disappointing that ZICA has failed to effectively make use of a very important Accountant act which requires every Accountant to register with them in order to work as Accountant. Because of this alot of Registered Accountants can’t even find jobs coz the market is flooded with unregistered Accountants. ZICA seem to have worsened the situation by compromising and urging ilegal Accounting staff in companies to register as ZICA students and continue practicing under the pretex that they will be monitoring their progress with their studies, what kind of law works like that? This is making young qualified pipo to loose confidence in some of these institutions. Govt has given you a Law as a source of your revenue & yet you can’t even charge anyone. ZICA shud have been one of the…

  2. Bwana District Commissioner, it’s not the President who doesn’t like corruption. All well meaning Zambians have a responsibility to fight this vice. It’s a moral obligation of any well meaning citizen. Do it for Zambia not the President. If it’s not embraced as a moral obligation, next time the incumbent President will no longer be in office, people will go back to their old ways of corruption. What you should be emphasising upon should be ethical professional practice and mindset change among your cohort.

  3. Please Mr President scrap the position of district commissioner.. we have provincial ministers, provincial permanent secretary…district and local government… MPs… we don’t need this money draining post channel that cash elsewhere

  4. As a regulatory body ZICA has failed in Zambia the same way self- regulation has failed in the UK. A new body called the Audit Commission has had to be created to bring sanity to external auditing.

  5. ZICA is useless and many accountants are incompetent, actually, Zambia has a bookkeeping problem. The focus of accountants is VAT refunds and tax avoidance.

  6. The police have always faced challenges when it comes to white collar crimes and the reason is that they’re not accountants. This therefore calls fro accountants to help turn audit reports into prosecutable dockets. Our Law of evidence poses another challenge because people that are involved in such crimes are advised by experts in the field. Unless these 2 changes are made the fight against white collar crimes will still be far fetched

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