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President Hakainde Hichilema’s full live Radio Appearance

Videos and Audios President Hakainde Hichilema's full live Radio Appearance



  1. I blame Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Steven Kapolyo Kampyongo. Have you seen the effect of suppression of freedom of speech and association? Bally has started campaigns in arrears. You should have allowed him to make these appearances during the campaigns. Now instead governing he’s began to waste time on radio stations. I expected him to pronounce himself on free education. His Minister hasn’t said anything. Should parents continue to pay user fees or not? That’s what we want to hear. When will FISP be disbursed? Farmers are waiting. Where are empty grain bags? It won’t work to heap your failures on PF. Can you graduate from under 5?

  2. This guy seem not to remember anything he promised the people. He is teaching us economics now instead of providing employment. He is just being a show of on radio as opposed to providing free education.

  3. Zambians have run out of patience in less
    Then two months.But they had patience for
    Ten years of PF rule.That is the reality.Bally
    Is trying to show Zambians what he wants
    To do but we are not ready to listen.

  4. We have the patience, no rush you have all the time. Don’t listen to these lazy none voters, they are good at what they do.

  5. It is good that he always finds time to talk to Zambian already, that’s a plus. Things that never used to happen in the past brutal regime are now happening,

  6. Work is being done and we’re yet to see and get results of their work.
    Keep on working HH as long as you remember that you report to us and that we demand a comprehensive report.
    You still have our support and your government has already done more, I mean even Kampyongo your number one persecutor is out campaigning freely. You President HH have made that possible and we the people are grateful.

  7. Great personality but I also remember Chiluba. Chiluba was none tribal., all I appreciate about him. Kaunda, and Mwanawasa too. Pf tribal, it is like their nourishment. My opinion

  8. Hahahaha just 2 months into office he can’t seem to remember what he was promising Zambians especially the youths…kikikikikiki look at him look all comfortable in a cozy environment…Tarino Orange stuck behind his keyboard commenting 24/7 on Lusaka Times…meanwhile Load shedding is now in full swing…more Kaloba coming….Zambians will soon be eating Press conference for Lunch and supper and press conference for breakfast

  9. Thanks to those well reasoned commentators who realize it’s a process to deliver on promises, and not some infantile expectation like you just say we create jobs, wave a wand and jobs appear. I really wonder about the basic intelligence of some of the people here. It really explains why this country has been unable to progress.
    As comments 6, 7 and 9 point out: these same people were not bleating like sheep about PF corruption in ten years, but expect HH to perform miracles in 2 months.

  10. His mandate is five years, he can even fulfill the promises in the fifth year if he wants, so stop panicking you PF guys, your substitution means you are not playing again, you failed to give us more money in our pockets, meanwhile by 2025 we will give you free education, so just chill

  11. @ Moto and Tore in agreeing with your sentiments those who seem impatient with HH’s style to how he wants to take things in the way he plans to govern the country are suffering hangover effects on how previous regimes have governed. Any change requires boldness and people need not forget where they are coming from! Being kept at below average is what Zambians accepted and resigned themselves to “satisfied with simple things” quoting from a Chinese CEO’s observations. HH trying to simplify for the wider Zambian stakeholder’s “some of us” take it as lecturing! Some sleeping dogs when awoken from their nap will bark at nothing before realizing that it is their keeper serving them food! I have patience to scrutinize HH’s leadership beginning January 2023!

  12. Just from above picture you can tell that this man’s life has really changed but for his forwarders looks like they’re in reverse gear….and please stop reminding him of the promises he made….he just wanted power….and for all bloggers on Lusaka Times look around yourself and see if anything has changed in your life……nada zero….soon people will be eating oxygen for Lunch,supper and breakfast…meanwhile HH is busy stealing donor funds and eating Kaloba money

  13. UPND president is occupied with petty things.

    someone needs to remind the UPND administration the definition of mandate.

    I hope you did gather the school children to watch the blue origin

    “William Shatner, Star Trek’s Capt. Kirk, flies to space and back, adding to this year’s number of civilian astronauts”-The Washington Post. Do you know what that would do to the young mind?

  14. Where is my clone? I will help him out.

    Yes the president is articulate and competent and is a TONGA man. Being proud of one’s tribe is not a crime. It just so happens that tongas are hardworking and very intelligent people.


  16. Change is here ,that’s why you eat uncooked beans and you complain to your mother that beans is not fully cooked..forgetting that you demanded the beans.
    HH is still sweeping the mess left behind by PF morons..
    I don’t care there long gone.. and actually it’s taking me 20 minutes to drive from kafue to Lusaka..

  17. Tarino Orange / 20

    In as much as I commend and laud you for defending the new UPND Regime, please stop this these unwise games you are playing. The very fact that you are so possessed about this so called CLONY acting as you, its all pointing to the very fact that you are the one playing the real Tarino Orange and the Clone as well. You are with one hand being a tribalist, and other hand had trying to portray as a noble person. My brother stop this drivel. What are you trying to prove apart from damaging your consciousness.

  18. Listened to the interview (recorded). Very crisp and excellent responses to appointments delays, job creations strategy and business opportunities for the youths. He articulated well many reforms on his table in social security (NAPSA) , infrastructure development, government expenditure devolution, agriculture, mine ownership, tax, mortgages etc.

  19. flag Jigga Kayama Simangulungwa (formerly Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee)

    Moonga, #23… so you are duped fall for these dnmb tricks from this sick UK based tr0ll called Kaizar Zulu, masquerading as Tarino Orange now? That’s I try working hard to expose this lowlife. When did you ever see Tarino Orange commentating like that? C’mon now!

  20. flag Jigga Kayama Simangulungwa (formerly Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee)

    The likes of Sailosi and his fellow PF Vuvuzelas are really losing whatever remnants of integrity they had left (if they had any to start with). It’s difficult to understand what the target of their childish comments is… themselves?
    I mean 2 months and they expect the man to reverse all that mess their tinp0t d!ctat0r Lungu left? They really had very high expectations of HH and it is a testament to how incompetent their small god the Humble One was. Chill guys as some of us neutrals have started skipping reading your drivel.

  21. Swithurn Hangalas question on the shortage of dialysis machines can’t be answered by a response such as I know Swithurn and his condition and we will get back to him. The answer should be about squarely how the dialysis machine shortage in the country will be sorted out. How about the many others not known by the President, how will the dialysis shortage be sorted out

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