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Garry Nkombo launches the construction of 1 000 housing units under the Money Grow Co-operative Society housing scheme


Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Garry Nkombo has launched the construction of one thousand housing units under the Money Grow Co-operative Society housing scheme.

The housing scheme which targets persons dealing in small businesses will benefit marketeers, bus and taxi drivers among others.

Speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony held at Chishelungu housing estate, Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Garry Nkombo said housing ownership for Zambians is close to President Hakainde Hichilema’s heart adding that it is a key focus area for the new dawn government.

Mr Nkombo revealed that over three hundred job opportunities for youths will be created from the housing project.

The Minister was elated that thousands of ordinary Zambians have joined hands to start saving towards the home ownership scheme.

Mr Nkombo reiterated that government is in a hurry to deliver jobs for the youths and improve the livelihoods of families across the country.

The Minister said this in a speech read for him by Local Government and Rural Development Director Housing and Infrastructure Development Nkumbu Siame.

And Money Grow Savings and Credit Co-operative Society National Chairperson Mauden Shula said the housing scheme is meant to assist members own housing units.

Mr Shula disclosed that members of the savings scheme faced huge challenges in sourcing land later on to raise funds for building hence the decision to venture into the home ownership scheme.

Mr Shula explained that members for the savings scheme will pay for the houses under a fixable payment model.


  1. Thousand housing units? Without any funding reserved? That will take a thousand years to implement then. Give it another year and nobody will even remember this project!

  2. Garry Nkombo starts to look like PF’s Given Lubinda: in the news everyday with meaningless messages! Being compared to GL is NOT a compliment!

  3. A continuation from where PF left from kikikikiki new dawn government is a joke….meanwhile corruption continues and thieves are still roaming the streets of Zambia….well shielded by UPND Bandits….Milingo Lungu his millions still intact…Faith Musonda the story will die a natural death….not even a single PF Bandits will see the inside of Prison because UPND is led by a thief…HH big crook and worse than Lungu

  4. I pray the minister looked at the scheme with expert eye otherwise such rushed programs may be scheme to dupe the same poor – imagine a housing 419.

  5. New dawn government at work.Zambians
    Want looted assets recovered and looters
    To be arrested .Two months in government
    Not one case iin court?Bally Zambians are

  6. Please sort out forest 27 we are waiting for the bulldozers to move on site and demolish those ugly mansions….You promised in your ‘blashempy’ speech in parliament

  7. PF carders go on full throttle attack on such a good venture. You failed for ten years to provide affordable housing except for the police you used as a tool to oppress others. Let the ordinary citizens also benefit

  8. “In January, Lore first announced plans to step down as Walmart’s successful e-commerce director in order to focus on creating “the city of the future.”
    “This is going to be a lifelong project,” the 50-year-old entrepreneur told Recode at the time. “It’s the thing I’m most passionate about.”

  9. “The former Walmart executive last week unveiled plans for Telosa, a sustainable metropolis that he hopes to create, from scratch, in the American desert.”

    UPND administration your joking right? Are you serious? Using taxpayer money correct? Your not demanding careful consideration or application correct? You’ve got to be kidding!

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