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Government to implement an intermodal network that links road, rail, air, and marine for transporting cargo and passengers


Minister of Transport and Logistics Frank Tayali says Government intends to implement an intermodal network that links road, rail, air, and marine for transporting cargo and passengers within and through Zambia.

Mr. Tayali said there is a need to consider Zambia’s position of being landlocked to being land-linked which creates abundant opportunities for improving and linking transport systems.

Speaking when he officiated at the Meet and Greet the Industry Breakfast meeting held yesterday at Taj Pamodzi Hotel, the Minister stated that Zambia is well-placed to facilitate trade in the African Continental Free Trade Area.

He stated that Zambia is a Corridor Network in Southern African Development Community and Common Market for Eastern (SADC) and Southern Africa (COMESA).

He further stated that Zambia is endowed with incredible investment prospects that drive and support developments in the various sectors of the economy.

Mr. Tayali said the sectors of the economy which once harnessed, will see a Zambia that will address issues of job creation and poverty reductions.

“I am reliably informed that the upcoming Land-Linked Zambia Conference has already attracted active participation from the Ports of Beira and Nacala in Mozambique, Durban-South Africa, Walvis Bay-Namibia, Dar-es-salaam-Tanzania, all of whom have a Corridor that they serve that passes through Zambia,” he said.

Mr. Tayali added that the Corridors bring with them numerous business and investment opportunities for the country.

The Minister highlighted that the conference and exhibition scheduled for December 2021 rightly dubbed as Land-Linked Zambia 2021 will underline the vital role Zambia plays in the global and regional commodity value chain and the movement and storage of goods.

He commended the Transport and Logistics industry players for showing commitment by being present at the event and organizing it.

Mr. Tayali assured the stakeholders of the UPND Government’s support in providing strategic direction to accelerate development within and beyond borders.

He stated that the breakfast meeting is the beginning of a new era of co-operation among stakeholders.

He said the eagerness and passion to work together by all stakeholders in the transport and logistics industry resonates well with the new administration.

Mr. Tayali said despite the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, Zambia is ready to develop the transport and logistic sector by working hand-in -hand using the stakeholder’s strengths, abilities, and resources.

“As the Minister responsible for transport and logistics, I am pleased to see such a representation of different stakeholders in the industry coming together to explore more affordable and reliable business opportunities,” he said.

And Petroleum Tankers Association of Zambia (PTAZ) Secretary-General Benson Tembo said local transporters are benefitting far less from the country’s immense public investment in road infrastructure than their foreign counterparts.

Mr. Tembo said the country has been spending colossal sums of money on imported transport services because the bulk of the transportation business is structured by foreigners.

He thanked President Hakainde Hichilema for adding Logistics to the Ministry of Transport as it was a missing link to the Ministry of Transport.

The event attended by many transports and logistics stakeholders marked the official launch of the Land-Linked Zambia 2021 Exhibition scheduled for 2nd to 3rd December 2021.


  1. What a nonsense plan. With Zambia Railways dead while presiding over a non-existent network, with zero connections to any airport, and a totally failed road system, it will take DECADES before we can play ANY role. Why don’t you start with the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriage way, that Edgar China Lungu has promised us for the last ten years, and which never started?

  2. Chipante pante Government at work…stop diverting attention….start sorting out load shedding…the youths want employment…fertilizer K250, free education….arrest all thieves and recover the stolen money…unfortunately it won’t happen because UPND HAS ALREADY FAILED AND ZAMBIANS HAVE REALIZED THAT ALL THOSE CAMPAIGN PROMISES WERE JUST BEANS….expect riots and protests very soon….

  3. Growing up outside Mufulira in rural areas in the 70s On the weekend my dad would take us to Mufulira airport. That airport used to be vibrant, and attended Eastlea primary school in Mufulira. My sister and I we walk seven miles to school Occasionally someone will give us a ride. One day we met Martin An American, we used to calling Mr.Martin, he gave us a rides from school. He will buy corn from my family even if he didn’t need it just to help out my family. Come back to my story passing bye that airport almost everyday i used daydreaming about and desire. That used to be my intuition pump. Watching blue origin blasting up in the skies. Politicians you have messed up that country.The acknowledgment should be to the person who deserves it.

  4. The govt should start considering engaging the private sector in especially development of road infrastructure through PPPs, this is the only way the country will have quality , durable and cost effective road infrastructure. Unlike the govt going in alone, the huge debt burden will never be lightened plus compromised standards and inflated project cost will forever be with us. The various models in PPP could be negotiated with interested private companies world over to develop roads, even rail and marine transportation corridors. Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, India, USA and Britain are some of the countries that have done well in PPP in the roads sector, we can consult the them if we lack capacity in this area.

  5. @Ron, you must be kidding me about South Africa. Sanrol is a ghost which road users have refused to pay for due to high fees. Government is left with a bloated debt to pay. HH, be careful if you consider that route for partnerships.

  6. When the Link Zambia 8000 road project was launched Zambians hoped to see many economically strategic roads built up and by now roads such as the great north road and the great east roads should have extended to four lanes.Still now roads which are so important to revamp enterprise and the economy at large are so deplorable and yet all vehicles pay alot of money in terms of Toll fees,Toll gate fees,Road Tax and Carbon Tax.We appeal to The New Dawn govt please to relaunch the road construction and rehabilation projects on roads such as the Chingola Solwezi turn off road to Kasumbalesa.Which thousands of vehicles use that road, to and from the border.Even roads in towns like Kitwe for instance, the Central street-Mindola and Chibuluma roads are so pathetic.Please work on these roads if…

  7. Now we all understand why African countries remain poor…2021 and we still don’t have proper medical emergency facilities…see what happens when there’s a fatal road accident…watch the response and equipment used…Ambulance system is a joke…these are the areas they should concentrate on not trying to be fancy coming up with nonsensical projects…Zambians just need very simple and basic things…electricity,water,food security,Healthcare and employment….and all these can be attained if Politicians stop making back room deals and shield each other from prosecution….UPND is now enabling rampant corruption and Zambians are watching….where is the K65 million…where is Milingo Lungu????? Shame on you HH and UPND…and now UPND you know the owner of 48 houses and the story has…

  8. First you have to look at Zambia, its current land and river structure, in order for you to link water transport and roads, just google the map of Zambia, and trust me Mr Minister, you will be talking about massive infrastructure investment and development,
    You will also have to look at our current airports and railway lines, to be in a position to transport both people and goods, the link and infrastructure investment will be huge, its not impossible, its been done elsewhere
    I once experienced something, like that
    In Sydney Australia, One station is a bus stop, with a link to the airport, a train station on level one and a ferry station on the concord level
    The story is that Sydney Australia, did not do it alone, they hired a person who helped design networks in London

  9. If there is one thing I have noticed with our leaders, it is issues of talk. How can you be telling your kids that next year we will eat nshima with meat. Why not just keep quiet if you have not yet aquired the meat. We are no longer interested in talk but action. Who wants to hear your plans? Please get to work.

  10. These are same pronouncements we used hear to from UNIP up to today. We need to hear action plan. Construct an all weather road linking Kazungula – Kaoma- Kasempa- Mutanda, reconstruct Mutanda – Mwinilunga road up to Jimbe boarder post, Construct a road from Lumwana West to Kambimba Border post connecting to Kolwezi in Lualaba Province, DR Congo. Construct a road from Solwezi to Mushindamo via Kipushi to Lubumbashi. Manyinga- Mwinilunga road. Bottom road in Southern Province. Pedicle road short route to Luapula and Northern Provinces. This will decongest the great North road and reduce on accidents and road repairs. Make movement of goods and people all over the country. imagine going to Zambezi one has to pass through Copperbelt, Solwezi, Mutanda, Kabompo. We expect this new dawn govt…

  11. Too much pa kamwa…you guys talk too much, it’s time you started looking at planning and implementing your manifesto. We are tired of premature announcements. Please just get on with it.

  12. Start doing things in the right way with the resources we have, not borrowed money. The Last Administration concentrated on roads instead of creating wealth and jobs since we have a lot of natural resources. Do not go that way PF took. If you lack ideas ask the public, do not think you know it all. That’s one of the reasons PF was voted out.

  13. And it’s not INTERMODAL but INTERNODAL – ever heard of SPELLING CHECKER my dear journalists of the LT?

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