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Technology to promote inclusive, sustainable development-Mutati

Headlines Technology to promote inclusive, sustainable development-Mutati

Minister of Technology and Science, Felix Mutati, says government will ensure that emerging technologies are used to bridge the gaps that hold back inclusive and sustainable development.

Mr. Mutati said his ministry will ensure profit is fully appreciated from technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence among others.

He explained that since the creation of the Ministry of Technology and Science, government has been taking stock and repositioning the ministry at the centre of economic transformation.

He said this at a stakeholder breakfast meeting on the strategic direction for digital transformation and targets for the first 100 days in Lusaka today.

Mr. Mutati said government will further increase investments in research, science and technology while encouraging private sector participation.

He disclosed that government has been engaging various stakeholders on how best to make the Ministry of Technology and Science thrive hence the reason for the stakeholders’ meeting aimed at creating partnerships that are going to move technology, science, innovation and skills development forward.

Mr. Mutati also reiterated that government remains resolved to realising a digital transformation for the Zambian people in all economic and social sectors.

He further revealed that the new dawn administration has also engaged the ordinary citizens on how digital technology can be used as an instrument for economic inclusion.

He pointed out that overwhelming turn up for the meeting by stakeholders is a clear indication that Zambians are responding to the government call on the role of science and technology in the economic transformation agenda of Zambia.

Speaking at the same meeting Ministry of Technology and Science Permanent Secretary Kayula Siame said her ministry is poised to become an enabler of Zambia’s economy.

Ms. Siame noted that for a long time, the country has talked about science and technology but has not been able to put mechanisms in place to make it happen.

“Now we have a ministry that will do things differently together with stakeholders because now it is a partnership,” she said.

Meanwhile, Zambia Robotics president Chiluwata Lungu said science and technology have the ability to attract massive investment to Zambia.

Dr. Lungu explained that the country has youths who are very talented in technology.


  1. Stop diverting attention just sort out load shedding….create employment for the youths,,,,reduce fertilizer to k250, implement free education and buy medicine for all govt Hospitals…..this is what Zambians want not technology this technology that…..and stop shielding thieves otherwise you won’t even finish 5 years

  2. #Saulosi well spoken. Digital transformation: give me a break, mobile coverage stops 15km outside Lusaka, loadshedding every day, mobile money networks without a connection to each other or normal banks, interest rates over 25% – where do I start?

  3. People don’t even know what Technology is. That Minister is in fact the wrong person to lead technology drives. Ayanu ku Estonia picked a tech-savvy, youthful man to lead their drive. Look at where they are now. Imwe mukuti historical relics will take us into the future. Nizanu izo.

  4. Mutati too old for this ministry. Get some young , competent and Energetic woman to run this ministry. This is not a ministry for BBC.

  5. Way to go! Digital transformation is at the center of any organization or government relevance in the 21st century. Technology is nolonger an enabler but the driver of efficiency in delivering products & services. Govt services need to move onto e-services platform so people can be able to get govt services in their location on any device without having to travel distances to line up at any administrative govt office in big cities just to apply for NRC, passport, pension funds etc. All these services can obtained from a click away.

  6. UPND Needs it’s on Internal investigation in itself.

    We don’t want to be pointing out things because you will call us tribals. You know how to play that card very well.

    Political corruption is the use of powers by government officials or their network contacts for illegitimate private gain.

  7. @Loveday: a tech-savvy person like who? Remember that the tech-savvy person shd be in the lab, discovering/creating things and not leading a ministry . This is not a ministry of agriculture which requires a Unza qualification, even if you employed someone from UNZA for this position – which I.T that UNZA offers that u can call someone “Tech-Savvy”? Cos that person was all along reading I.T history books. We need Tech-Savvy’s to be doing what they trained to do cos in I.T, we do, we don’t jst point fingers. Pointing fingers can be done better by anyone.

  8. Saulosi – So you want the Minister of Technology and Science to start talking about load shedding , cheap fertilizer, implementation of free education policies and procuring medicine for all govt Hospitals? Really laughable …he is not Minister without Portfolio. If you listened to HH yesterday you wouldn’t parroting the same thing.

  9. Watching – There is nothing like too old its the team in the ministry that matters …the only thing I detest about Mutati is that he has been a Minster in all govts in the last 20 years, he was Minister of Finance in PF he never resigned he was fired…if it was so bad he would have stepped down.

  10. All that I want is a job from this ney created ministry, I am finishing my barcheros of ICT this December, please our minister Hon MUTATI look up to us, we have what it takes to take this great nation of our to the next lev when it comes to Technology.

  11. Ba Mutati is a Wrong Guy for this Ministry, he is way old and out of Touch. What technology would he inspire?? Actually, he has no shame because he should have said to the President, Appoint a Younger person. I already contributed to this Country. These are people that have failed our country from MMD, to PF Times now eating in UPND. Shameless Greedy Crooks.

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