Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Civil servants challenged to know UPND manifesto


United Party for National Development (UPND) Mapatizya Member of Parliament (MP) Emeldah Munashabantu has advised public service workers in Zimba district to acquaint themselves with the UPND manifesto to ensure that their programmes are in-line with the aspirations of the ruling party.

Ms. Munashabantu says civil servants as technocrats should ensure that they play their role of translating and implementing the aspirations of the party in government.

Speaking when she interacted with heads of government departments in Zimba today, the MP said civil servants need to realize that they work for government of the day and must understand the policies of the ruling party.

“The UPND new dawn government has indicated its desire to civil servants to ensure that you must work towards achieving these desires,” Ms. Munashabantu said.

He further stated that public service workers should be accountable and work professional in the execution of their duty to the nation.

“All officers should be professional in their work and conduct; government through Cabinet Office will ensure that the services reach the people in urban, rural and remote areas to benefit the people,” she said.

She challenged the civil servants to ‘own’ the UPND party manifesto and explain it to the people at the grassroots so that people appreciate the good policies of government.


  1. GRZ no light at the end of the tunnel.

    “Civil servants challenged to know UPND manifesto” LT.

    UPND do you know GRZ, IMF, World Bank, UK, and United Nations manifesto?

    If it’s too much for you just step down?

  2. Is this a joke……kikikikikiki free education time to start learning UPND social studies…Zambians now see what you got yourselves into…time to study special paper one

  3. It UPND to translate there MANIFESTO (There party political vision) into Government Policy so that Civil Servants implement Government Policy no a party manifesto/propaganda. Otherwise we end up with a UNIP Style the Party and it’s government arrangement.

  4. UPND you are just wasting time just to work according to your plans the rest will follow it rather sounds strange as if you are coming from the moon.

  5. Already we have politicians who dont know how government works. Most Zambian politicians do not know how the party is separated from government. Civil servants arent supposed to study any political party manifesto. That job is left to Ministers. They are the politicians . The civil servant cant translate and implement the aspirations of the party in government.. Its not his job.

  6. If 20 years you learned Unip manifesto, 10 years ago MMD manifesto 3 months ago PF manifesto and now Upnd manifesto what will head be filled with?

  7. We told you that if upnd is elected, everyone will be forced to be upnd including civil servants who should be independent in executing their jobs

  8. HH does not even know that civil servants should be none partisan. There are only supposed to vote. We have given a gun to a child.

  9. The UPND manifesto was poorly done and has several conflicting ideas, is that the chaos you desire to misguide the civil service?

  10. They dont need to learn your manifesto all they need is to fine tune your policies once they are passed through National Assembly….these MPs need more induction classes they should include G7 social studies in those classes

  11. They are not even supposed to finetune anything. Policy is for politicians. They pass it in parliament. Cabinet enforces it and passes it on to permanent secretaries. Period

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