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Zambia committed to maintaining a record of peace and democracy on the continent, Kakubo tells AU


Minister of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation, Hon. Stanley Kakubo says Zambia is committed to maintaining a record of peace and democracy on the continent following the democratic election of Zambia’s 7th President, His Excellency, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema.

In his maiden speech to the 39th Ordinary Session Executive Council of the African Union, Hon. Kakubo who thanked the African Union for sending an election observer mission said the peaceful transfer that occurred after the August 12th General Elections, was a testimony that Zambia valued the tenets of democracy.

And commenting on the report of the Permanent Representative Committee on Structural Reforms, Hon. Kakubo requested the African Union Commission to provide necessary support to the Economic, Social & Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) Secretariat in Zambia.

He emphasized the need to expedite the recruitment of staff for the Secretariat with priority to critical expert positions.

Hon. Kakubo further reiterated Government’s commitment in ensuring that the secretariat was fully operational in order to deliver on its mandate.

Hon. Kakubo disclosed that the Government had fulfilled its obligations set in the ECOSSOC Host Agreement by acquiring a stand-alone property in a prime area of Lusaka to accommodate the ECOSSOC secretariat.

ECOSSOC is a civil society policy organ of the African Union .The organ provides an opportunity for African Civil Society Organizations to play an active role in contributing to AU’S principles, policies and programmes.


  1. While Zambians value and subscribe to the tenets of democracy, the same can not be said of political parties like your own party Hon Minister. Your party has a terrorist wing. Practice what you preach

  2. No more this of new dawn you idyots.
    Only minister of mines and labor are working.
    The rest are bakapoli fye making noise.

  3. “Zambia committed to maintaining a record of peace & democracy on the continent”..sounds wonderful! But, in this pride, let’s not forget PF and Mr Lungu for facilitating a peaceful transition! As for the new government, they are yet to prove themselves. Will it be the same peaceful transition at the end of their tenure – I wonder. If the violence that happened in Choma recently is anything to go by, then the UPND government will find maintaining a record of peace on the continent a difficult act to follow. So far, they appear to be failing to stamp down on thuggish behaviour by their party operatives. Am afraid to say, they need to do better. You cannot train a hound dog to bite, and when it does, you tell someone else to deal with it. A dog only listens to it’s master. Act…

  4. Organisation of beggars, dictators, murderers and plunderers of their continent. I hope they will learn from Zambia.

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