Friday, April 19, 2024

Mpezeni tells Vice President that he will work UPND administration to foster national development


Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni-speaking people of Chipata has said that he will work with the United Party for National Development (UPND) administration to foster national development.

Chief Mpezeni said that national development will be achieved when chiefs work with the government of the day.

The Traditional leader who expressed happiness that Vice President Mutale Nalumango today paid a courtesy call on him at his Palace barely 2 months in office said the move shows the government’s commitment towards development.

Chief Mpezeni also urged the UPND administration not to focus on vengeance but on developing the country.

He also appealed to the government not to stop the purchase of maize by the Food Reserve Agency- FRA- despite meeting their target.

The Traditional leader further requested the government to ensure there is timely delivery of inputs under the Farmer Input Support Programme.

And Mrs. Nalumango assured the traditional leader that the government has continued buying maize from farmers and has so far bought 4-hundred thousand metric tons of the targeted 5-hundred thousand.

She said the country’s food security is among the government’s priority areas and equity in the distribution of inputs and payment of farmers who supply maize is being looked into.

Mrs. Nalumango added that the government is committed to working with traditional leaders to ensure national unity and the protection of the country’s resources.

The Vice President further said traditional leaders must not listen to falsehoods by individuals claiming that the government has abolished the ministry of traditional affairs because it does not want to work with chiefs.

Mrs. Nalumango also said the 2022 national budget which focuses on decentralization will require the support of chiefs for successful implementation


  1. Trust this tribal sick man at your own peril. Our fellow tonga chief mukuni was persecuted and harassed during pf and yet this mpezeni said nothing to defend him. Today he wants to act like he is reasonable. Let us work with our tonga chiefs first. We suffered too much

  2. That’s the problem when you get used as a common cader by a political party……….

    You look like a wet chicken at the change of government………..

  3. These guys need to commission some creative people for their coats of arms, official homes, offices! Nothing kingly about this background! Saw those cheap looking bemba crocodiles and isilozi elephants. Terrible! You guys are kings! No wonder governments don’t take you seriously, just good for delivering votes! Come on, a leaf from the British crown – it is a tourist industry, the Kabaka burial site in Uganda is a Unesco heritage site….

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