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Government will ease the process of acquiring mining licenses for the local people-HH


President Hakainde Hichilema says government will ease the process of acquiring mining licenses for the local people.

President Hichilema who is on a working visit in Luapula Province notes that his administration, wants the local people to run the manganese mines and other resources, in order for them to help contribute to the country’s economic growth.

The Head of State observes that Luapula province which is endowed with natural resources such as manganese has not fully benefited from its natural resource.

Mr Hichilema explains that if the local people do not have the capacity to work on their own, they will use their license, to make joint venture partnerships with those who can.

He states that government is very determined to change the welfare of the people, promising his administration’s resolve to bring investment to the province.

The President says doing so will create jobs for Zambians and the country will in turn see its economy thriving.

The President also took time to thank the people in the region, for voting for the UPND, in the just ended August 12, general elections.

He says government will work very hard, to fulfil all the promises that had earlier been made.

Luapula Province is the second province from Central province that the President has visited since his election as Zambia’s 7th Republican President.

From Luapula province he is expected to visit Kalilele in North-western province and later Masaiti on the Copperbelt province, before returning back to Lusaka.


  1. Long overdue. In the last govt only people from a certain tribe got contracts with mines. Time to balance the equation and give southerners a chance

  2. Also it should not be about turning us Zambians into suppliers to the so said mining houses but availing funding platforms for us to build and own , smelters , refineries and othr value aadditive industrial components to the mining sector

  3. @Tarino
    We don’t have provisions of cattle raring in the mines sorry. Our relatives can’t manage. Are you not even ashamed of yourself nolonger calling yourself Zambian?
    If not only for the vote that came from East, North and CB. Our Tonga criminal would not have had made it.

  4. Is this guy still campaigning. He is supposed to be saying government “has” not “will”. Are we still getting more promises from a persons who has tones of promises to fulfill.

  5. So HH still does not want to recognize National Day of Prayer…..Ok we know why….almost 3 months in office and still sounds like he’s in opposition still promising……kikikikikiki Baby President HH chief wenye boza ulabeja

  6. Don’t go the PF way of just throwing things are people……..

    Hold workshops on how to run small scale mines according to what they are mining………

  7. Look at the PF rats above………

    Totally duped by lungu with day of national prayers while they looted……..

    HEHH knows days of national prayers will not develop zambia……….

  8. The chance was given on 12/08/2021 for HH to finally sale all the remaining mines and pocket the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is afraid of the 18th October because of the holy fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Light and darkness cannot mix……………………..

  9. @Simon; u want GRZ to give you free mining licenses and then also give you funding? Are u mad bro? Where in this world do u get a lucrative business for free, & funding on top of it? GRZ ll give u a mining license yea but u, yourself what are u bringing to the table. Cos u can’t jst come with yo long dirty hands to receive, receive. U have to bring something to the table too bro.

  10. This is a very good move..but also help local miners to acquire good mining technics..not just using buckets, hoes and hands. Youths that’s N opportunity for you. Leave social media now and start mines..

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