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President Hichilema arrives in Mansa for a three Province Working Visit Tour

Headlines President Hichilema arrives in Mansa for a three Province Working Visit Tour

President Hakainde Hichilema has arrived in Mansa, Luapula Province to begin a three province tour and has called on Zambians to work very hard in an effort to realize the country’s economic potential.

President Hichilema noted that various activities in the nation such as agriculture, the economic potential in Luapula province among other activities, have to be exploited to improve the living standards of people.

President Hichilema said this in an interview with the media at the Lusaka City Airport before leaving for his one day provincial visits to Luapula, Copperbelt and North-western provinces.

He said the nation will witness more of such provincial visits going forward as a way of appreciating the Zambian people for placing his administration into office.

“We have to work hard we have to rebuild the country, we have to rebuild our activities such as agriculture, we know Luapula has alot of potential but we are tired if talking about potential. But we are tired of talking about potential and to realize,” President Hichilema stated.

The Head of State also assured the public of violent free elections, from his leadership going forward.

He explained that as some parts of the country will be holding by-elections this October, his administration will ensure that people vote peacefully and get used to law and order.

The President promised that all the negative vices witnessed while his party was in opposition, will no longer continue under his administration.

“You will see a peaceful election with no violence, no thuggery, let people exercise their democratic right freely,” he added.

He stressed the need for people to be civil and avoid violence as well as haphazardness during elections and beyond.

On hand to see the President off was Lusaka Province Minister Sheal Mulyata, Lusaka City Mayor Chilando Chitangala, the service chiefs among other government officials.

And on arrival in Luapula, the President said that he will join fellow Christians in praising the Lord, God Almighty here.

The president said that Luapula Province is very rich with so many natural wonders and yet the people have been subjected to unfair treatment and said that this will not happen anymore because his government will turn around these resources for the benefit of our people.

“As stated earlier on. There shall be no foreigner, no outsider to come to Luapula Province to come and get contracts meant for the locals, never again. All government contracts to produce government needs will be given to the local people,” the president said.

“We are determined and we will deliver. Trust us mwebena Luapula.

“Mwebeba Luapula, your voting for us will lead to great things such as jobs, business opportunities and quality health care services and education for all. Luapula won’t be the same under our government because development is coming,,” he said


  1. Better to work than attend hypocritical prayers like lazy lungu used to. Mwana mu tonga. We love you mr president

  2. Please paint those presidential podiums whatever you call those shades, or don’t just use them. I kept telling those ZIS from RB time.
    Youths can assemble those really fast where president goes.

  3. Why continue this culture of many govt officials & service chiefs seeing the president off at the airport? I see this as a waste of time plus resources when there is alot of work to be done. Bally please remove some of these silly practices inherited from the old UNIP govt. You not going to Mars for there to always be a big fun fair when you leaving for local or international trips.

  4. And how did he get there? Bad reporting LT. Presidential jet? Qatar airways? Helicopter? Motorbike?

  5. We need to reopen Mansa batteries to start manufacturing the next generation batteries for solar technology. We can save a fortune by tapping in the next Generation car batteries technology and browing it to create better batteries for homes. We need to utilise the solar energy during the day so that houses can come off ZESCO grid during the night. This is a win win type of investment.

  6. God helps those who help themselves. I mean those who help themselves through HARD WORK and not by UKUBOMBA MWIBALA. So, a working visit where you preach hard work and praise God is also a PRAYER DAY!!!!

  7. Talk and talk and talk. No people from outside luapula will get contracts. So those from luapula will not get contracts in Southern and northern. What type of thinking is that?

  8. If implemented well, the budget devolution policy will be a developmental game changer to the country. People in Wards will be deciding how and what to spend their money on. Much better than the current current practice that only provides opportunities politicians and senior government officials to steal money in Lusaka in the name of infrastructure development.

  9. Luapula may be backward but it witnessed some significant happenings like the Mansa Sugar factory, the Mununshi Banana Scheme, Cassava Processing, upgrade of the Musonda Hydro Station and a few others like promotion of the Lake Bangweulu tourism potential.

  10. I agree with one scribe here who has suggested that the Presidential podium be decorated in the Zambian colours and NOT political part colours.
    Brilliant idea

  11. I agree with one scribe here who suggested that the Presidential podiums be decorated in the Zambian colours and NOT political party colours, since he represents the Zambian people.
    Good suggestion

  12. Where are your permanent secretaries, new heads of parastatal, some service wings….its on auto pilot…oh forgot you are still learning…in kafue its raining..eastern province…maize going to waste just like that…fRA has not head…..

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