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FRA refutes claims of wasting maize at depots


The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has refuted reports claiming that over 3500 by 50 kilogramme bags of maize has gone to waste at Katangalika Satellite Depot in Mwalala ward of Chama North Constituency in Muchinga Province following a heavy down pour that was experienced in the area.

Public Relations Manager John Chipandwe said in a statement made available to the media that none of the maize at the depot has gone to waste as alleged adding that all the purchased maize by the agency is secured.

“The Agency as at 12th October, 2021 purchased a total of 5,677 x 50 kg bags of grade a white maize at the named satellite depot and five thousand and thirty 5,030 bags were moved to the main holding depot in Chama before the rains”, he explained.

Mr Chipandwe said after moving 5,030 bags, a balance of 647 bags remained at the satellite depot awaiting movement but the bags were as per required standard safely stored and secured in a community shed.

He clarified that all the remaining bags were safely secured and not soaked as reported.

He added that the Agency has been moving all the purchased maize from depots to holding depots for purposes of securing them from the rains.

“The Agency is aware that some maize for some farmers at the depot were exposed to rain despite the Agency having been continuously urging farmers to secure their maize and ensure that it is not soaked,” he said.

Mr Chipandwe was responding to media reports suggesting that over 3500 bags of Maize went to waste at Katangalika deport after a heavy downpour that occurred last week.


  1. What an idyot of public relations officer.
    The wasted maize is in farmers hands, awaiting FRA to grab from them. Just buy all maize madafakaz, give maize to those PF green solar grinding mills.

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