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PF candidate, Patrick Banda’s nomination is valid-ECZ


The Electoral Commission of Zambia ( ECZ) says the nomination of Patrick Banda, a Patriotic Front (PF) Candidate in the October 21st, 2021 council chairperson election for Lusangazi district remains valid and the candidate will participate in the election.

ECZ Cooperate Affairs Manager Patricia Luhanga told ZANIS in a telephone interview today that ECZ could not remove Mr Banda from the ballot papers because he not been taken to court over the allegations that he was in possession of a fake Grade 12 school certificate.

“This is just an election but for now the possession of the commission is that his candidature is still valid and we could not remove him from the ballot because he was not taken to court,” she said.

Mr Banda was arrested by police in Petauke on October 16th for forgery and uttering of false documents but was later released on police bond.

He has since continued campaigning in Mzanzala ahead of the October21st, 2021 council chairperson election.

Meanwhile, ballot papers for the forth coming Lusangazi district council chairperson election were on Sunday, October 17th delivered to the area four days ahead of the council chairperson election.

Lusangazi District Electoral Officer Justin Mbashila confirmed to ZANIS the arrival of ballot papers and other election logistics.

Mr Mbashila said all security materials were delivered to Lusangazi and the ballot papers were verified, adding that all is set for the forth coming Lusangazi Council Chairperson election.

“The ballot papers were received on Sunday and verification was done so all is set for the forth coming election,” he said.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front aspiring council chairperson candidate for Lusanga Patrick Banda has said that PF should win all the by-elections to shame the UPND who are claiming that the PF party is finished.

Mr. Banda said that if the PF loses by-elections, the ruling UPND will start boasting that the PF has been rejected in the Eastern province where former President Edgar Lungu hails from.

Mr. Banda said that victory for the PF in all the by-elections will be for former President Edgar Lungu as it will redeem the August 12 defeat. Mr Banda lamented that assertions that the PF is finished is merely hearsay by the opposition.

He noted that the PF is intact and that it will bounce back in 2026 because the UPND has failed to meet the aspirations of the people.

And Senior headman Lundu in chief Sandwe village said that the area has lagged behind in terms of development. Headman Lundu said that despite people voting for different candidates development has not been delivered.

And PF vice president Given Lubinda observed that the reason why the people of Musanzala rejected Mr Peter Daka is that there is no development in the area. Mr Lubinda said that Mr Daka has been voted for three terms without doing anything for the people.

He explained that the roads are in a deplorable state and that bridges under construction have been abandoned. Mr Lubinda said that once the people vote for the PF chairperson, he will work hand in hand with the area member of parliament Elias Banda to bring development to the area.

The council chairperson position fell vacant after the death of PF candidate William Banda.


  1. Why no tonga ever stands under pf? The answer is clear truth will come out soon.In the same vain,why Southern province no other people stand as MP?

  2. PF can never win a free and fair election, they dont have access to taxpayers funds to bribe voters through social cash transfers and bogus empowerment programmes.
    Politics in Zambia has moved on …but as can be seen by some impostors who are too ashamed to use the aliases they used before the elections they are still stuck in the past.
    One Zambia One nation!!!

  3. The UPND has began to feel the heat so early. They’re panicking. They don’t know how to deal with the opposition. Why were Socialist Party members beaten? Is that what Bally calls uniting the country. The appointment of a few bootlickers from regions isn’t a symbol of unity. Stop the violence if you’re man enough. And these tactics of using the Police to help decide the outcome of elections must come to an end. This is change that isn’t change. UPND has been involved in political violence since 2006, wi8ll they ever change?

  4. So Banda’s grade 12 certificate was invalid, but according to ECZ he can still stand because nobody took him to court? What nonsense is that???

  5. So what happens if he wins and then later it’s found that the certificate presented to ECZ was a forgery. Are they going to nullify the election or again wait for the court. ECZ is a big joke!

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