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President Hichilema thanks Eastern Province for for giving UPND 49% of the votes


President Hakainde Hichilema has thanked the people of Eastern Province for giving the United Party for National Development (UPND ) 49 percent of the votes to in the August 12 general elections.

Addressing the people who welcomed him at the airport in Chipata this morning, President Hichilema said the people of Eastern Province chose to unite the country in the way they voted.

“Nifuna kuonga zikomo, taonga chomene (I want to thank you, thank you very much) for what you did. You chose to unite the country. You the wise people of this province voted for this President,” said President Hichilema who switched between speaking Nyanja and English in his address in short address.

The President said that his heart was filled with gratitude and humbleness and he seeking a way to reward the people of Eastern for giving him election victory.

He mentioned that his campaign while in opposition was restricted and most often he was tear gassed, but despite all that the people in the Eastern Province, who have in the past not moved with political change, chose to move forward with the rest of the country.

“I used to laugh at you that you always remain, but this time you chose to move with change. If we got so many votes here where we were not allowed to campaign, what more if we had campaigned here freely? ” President Hichilema said, as the people cheered Bally! Bally!

And President Hichilema has promised that once the UPND budget comes into effect in January, more money will be moved into constituencies from Lusaka.

He announced that the observation and planning has now been done and his government is ready to go forward to better the life of the people of Zambia.

The President also thanked the people for welcoming at the airport, saying he was happy to be in Chipata in a different capacity.

He reminisced that a few months ago he was blocked not to enter the City of Chipata and was tear gassed that he could not even have a good view of the beautiful hills of the City.

“There is peace here, no violence. This is the way the country should be run. It feels good to look at those beautiful hills, I couldn’t see then because there was teargas all over,” President Hichilema said.

He said the country must from now on work in a manner that demonstrates love for one each other and work in a way that demonstrates equity for the benefit of everyone.

The President who arrived around 10.00 hours at Chipata airport in company of UPND senior member William Banda was welcomed by Eastern Province Minister Peter Phiri and acting Permanent Secretary Royd Tembo.

The President who is in the Eastern Province for a one visit has since flown to Petauke where he is expected to address a series of meetings in drumming support for the UPND parliamentary candidate in the Kaumbwe parliamentary election.

He is also expected to extend his tour to Lusangazi where there is also council chairperson election.

The two elections did not take place on August 12 for Kaumbwe constituency and Lusangazi council because of the death of the aspiring candidates.


  1. When we said first UPND administration trip to New York was unfortunate consequences, and what happening on the ground in Zambia. No consistency in his deliberation. UPND administration Worse communicating skills.

    • How old are you? Please go back to history over southern province. How many votes did Chiluba ganner in 1991 from Southern Province as compared to Luapula? What about Mainza Chona for freely surrendering and handing over of the UNIP Presidency to Kenneth Kaunda on patriotism and for the sake of unifying the black Northern Rhodesian independence movement ? When the wind of change blows it doesn’t choose where to blow.

  2. LT- Please allow external links. You can moderate and remove self-promotion and unsavory links unrelated to the main story. You improve on the overall experience and quality of your product. Aspire and believe in a mission to retain loyalty through quality. Not through blocking exits to other sites.

  3. He is thanking them for being so stupid not to vote like , the people of southern province who only vote for him 100percent and yet these easterners are so dull that they couldn’t vote for their own.

  4. Its painful to be kicked out of government when you have no other business to get the income from. It is still painful to the PFs because they where rats in the farmer’s house destroying the agricultural produce they never worked for.
    There preaching on tribalism, privatization, violence etc could not count.
    If southerners were tribal voters, why didn’t they vote for Hamududu their fellow Tonga? Lungu was not a father of the nation but a father of some provinces.

  5. If PF will not change their limited political view which only centers on tribalism, violence and name calling, they will destroy their party which will be bad for Zambian democracy. Politics should be issue based.

  6. Easterners are royal hardworking people. Give them a good agricultural value chain and they will be your darling Mr President. The same applies to all our people in rural Zambia. Ba PF messed up big time and anyone who thinks tribal affiliations are more powerful than the pain of empty stomachs should learn from the fall of PF.

  7. HH thanks Luapula for giving 49% votes to the UPND………….Not the UPND Alliance???? Ba Alliance partners..where are you? Used and flushed like toilet paper.

  8. People voted for change and we congratulate you Mr President. However I don’t agree that you were often tear gassed. Yes tear gas were thrown atmost two times and not always. You have not said anything about debonair choma sir. ECZ has mentioned your party as committing violence right in Eastern Province and you don’t denounce it. Any politicians are the same.

  9. The only wise people in this whole country of Zambia are the Tonga people, they know how to vote they are not like these others who are chipantepantes especially those from the eastern province who can betray their own .
    Shame on you easterners, shame on you Banda Zulu Zimba Chulu and the rest of you Lungu etc.
    You should go for some lessons in southern province may be you will be skilled enough to do the right thing for what belongs to you.

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