Thursday, June 20, 2024

Man shoots two workers after a dispute


A 52 year old man has allegedly shot dead his two workers in Chibombo District after a dispute.

Central Province Police Commanding Officer Donald Mwandila has confirmed to ZANIS the incident that happened yesterday afternoon at Lamka Agro Shop.

Mr Mwandila said Police rushed to the scene found the bodies of the two male victims lying inside the shop with multiple bullet wounds in the chests and that two cartridges were also recovered.

He has named the deceased as Mwansa Chuma aged 48 years of Malumani Village and Changwe Nkonde, 40 years old of Chipembele Village in Chief Liteta’s Chiefdom.

Mr Mwandila said Police have since arrested the suspect, identified as Chipampe Lamba of Luangwa Township of Kabwe District.

He said Police have also recovered a pistol believed to be a murder weapon adding that more investigations are being conducted to ascertain the reason behind the double homicide cases.

Mr Mwandila said the bodies of the deceased have since been deposited at Liteta Hospital Mortuary awaiting postmortem.


  1. It’s a very sad development. Whatever was the case, people must learn to practice self-restraint. Now 3 lives have been lost 2 shot dead and one to be sent to the gallows. And then some NGO comes to tell us that there shouldn’t be the death penalty? Power doesn’t come from the barrel of a gun

  2. It is not a good way to handle betrayal. These workers stored his livelihood off his head and sweat, and flourished on the back of his works. They stole his life away.

    But taking his vengeance this way isa bigger crime of conscience. Its an expression of deep anger and not mercy.

    And he has loved himself so much that he didn’t kill himself on the matter because he wants to tell a story, a story of vengeance, a story of thr wrong way to express injury.

    Sad events

  3. Tarino whoever you are you are a sadist what does it matter whether he is a pf upnd or any party cadre 2 precious lives have been lost and that is all you can think about?

  4. This is a very sad development for a small but fast-urbanizing place like Chibombo. It’s probably related to principal-agent conflict in business but settling differences this way is not who we are in Zambia. I’m sure the police will do the needful. Flippant commentary should never be extended to such sad events.

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