Thursday, June 13, 2024

Zambia National Public Health Institute signs an MoU with Zambia Red Cross Society to safeguarding public health security


The Zambia National Public Health Institute (ZNPHI) has signed a three year memorandum of understanding(MoU) with the Zambia Red cross Society (ZRCS) aimed at safeguarding public health security in Zambia.

ZNPHI Director General, Victor Mukonka explained that the MoU sets out shared goals of the two organizations to enhance their capacities to timely manage any upsurges in diseases of public health concern such as Cholera, Anthrax, Plague, Measles, Polio and COVID-19.

He stated that the MoU will also enhance their similar mandate of ensuring Public Health security of the Country through surveillance, epidemic preparedness and response based on scientific evidence.

“With the scientific evidence we are able to provide direction to policy makers, public health programs and community health security,” said Professor Mukonka.

And ZRCS Secretary General Kaitano Chungu indicated that the MoU will help to reduce the loss of lives by preventing or contributing to reduction of disease outbreaks and potential disease outbreaks and their negative impact in sudden onset diseases, prolonged crises or health emergencies.

He stated that the comparative mandate of the two organizations will enhance the health security of the nation through participation in early detection, prevention and control of diseases and events of public health importance.

“This will be enhanced through the ZRCS wide network of volunteers present in all communities across the country, thus having a foot in community where diseases and events occur,” said Mr Chungu.


  1. If I was the Red Cross, I would count my fingers every time I had dealings with ZNPHI – corruption corruption corruption!

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