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Former Southern Province Permanent Secretary Sibanze Simuchoba and others arrested for corruption


The Anti-Corruption Commission has arrested former Southern Province Permanent Secretary Sibanze Simuchoba and 13 other officials at the Provincial Administration for Willful Failure to Follow Procedure and Fraudulent False Accounting involving over K 623, 000 contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

Sibanze, 66, of House No. 19 Ngwerere Road, Roma, Lusaka, together with Enoce Kashweka, 57 a former Principle Accountant, and Linda Siwale, a Chief Planner at the Choma Provincial Administration have been jointly charged with One Count of Willful Failure to Follow Procedure contrary to Section 34 (2)(b) of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012.

This is in a matter in which the trio willfully failed to follow the applicable procedure in the manner they authorized the transfer of funds from a named Account without written approval from the Secretary to the Treasury.

Sibanze and Kashweka have further been charged with another Count of Willful Failure to Follow Procedure involving a matter in which the duo failed to follow the applicable procedure in the manner they authorized transfer of funds from the Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Relief Account to another Account without written approval from the Secretary to the Treasury.

Meanwhile, 11 other officials from the Choma Provincial Administration and various Ministries have been arrested for fraudulent false accounting contrary to Section 326 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

The 11 have each been charged with One Count of Fraudulent false accounting for falsifying retirement entries of various amounts of money paid as imprest, purporting to have traveled to various Districts in Southern Province when they did not in fact travel, a matter which concerns the provincial Administration, a public body.

The 11 officials include, Mr. Hameja Muzoka, an Accountant, Mr. Muyano Mwanang’ombe, Senior Accountant at the Ministry of Health, Mr. Cheelo Chiyanika, Senior Accountant at the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection, and Mr. Brighton Mutokola, an Accountant at the Provincial Administration.

Others are Ms. Nsofwa Kangwa, an Accounts Assistant at Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Guidance, Ms Chaoneka Lubemba, Mr. Rossy Kajebwe, both Accounts Assistant at the Provincial Administration, Mr. Isaac Moonga, an assistant accountant at Kabwe Mine Hospital, Mr. Winter Lupani, Mr. Chisanga Simuchomba, and Mr. Owen Ngulube, all accounts assistants at the Provincial Administration.

The 14 are due to appear before the Choma Magistrate’s Court on 3rd November 2021.


  1. Charity begins at home! Thanks Bally’s govt. Start from the bottom & move up cleaning up all these scumbags who stole money from us.

  2. Good start. But this is small beer. Only K623000. Edgar China Lungu and his cronies have highjacked MUCH more. Go get them!

  3. This is what we want to see arrest the small fish like PS and their Deputies …then promise then lighter sentences if they talk this way you get to the big fish.

  4. No Corruption…. -Imagine if Faith Musonda who was on partnered with former ministers iin her companies can have K5 million in bags and close to $60,000 what more those ministers. I am expecting that Kabwe Chanda to be picked up the boy was building mansion after mansion.
    Please confiscate assets as well.

  5. BAKATANI BAKABWALALA ABO BA CHILALABALANDA. We experienced hardship in this country failing to pay loans which as never happened before in country ba PF the law will visit you

  6. This is good, but should be an ongoing process. At the moment it seems you’re only acting because of the by-elections. If that’s the case it won’t be long before everyone sees through this kind of manipulation and points a finger to why ACC is under SH.

  7. Some of them are not even corrupt…
    they got carried away by the rampant pf mentality of looting public resources… they thought they would remain behind if they did not keep up the pace with the likes of chitalu chilufya and other pf scoundrels….and the figures aint good enough to save them
    To survive jail its got to be a couple of dollars and political connections involved bro…

  8. Oh dear what an end to an illustrious career and that woman who used to have a plate number BMS 1 has long moved on you are stuck in the courts of law and now jail awaits badala…..

  9. Good job well done. Can we please start recovering the loot by these crooks begining with the privatization era…….GOOD JOB ,,,,,,

  10. Unfortunately non of these will see the inside of Prison…this is theatrical antics by UPND….expect to hear alot of arrests but zero convictions for the next 5 years….Southerners are big Bandits and very corrupt individuals…and now we have master Bandit baby President HH in office

  11. #10 what would exempt a tonga from lawful prosecution if there is overwhelming evidence??
    Tribe is nothing man… its high time this country should transcend politics of tribe

  12. Starting with a tonga , HEHH does not want to be accused to targeting people from certain regions , where unfortunately 90 % of PF ring leaders came from……..

    This is the beginning……..


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