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Attaining vision 2030 would need high productivity


The government says the country can only attain Vision 2030 if the productivity levels are increased.

Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Acting Permanent Secretary, Vivien Ndhlovu says the country’s aspirations of achieving middle-income status by 2030 are strongly linked to the levels of productivity in the nation.

Ms Ndhlovu said this in a speech read for her by the Ministry’s Director of Finance, Vincent Mwaba at the first consultative meeting on the productivity legislation development in Lusaka yesterday.

She said there is a need to increase productivity by passing legislation to support the cause.

The Acting Permanent Secretary said the policy will be implemented with the help of various stakeholders.

“It is worth mentioning that the implementation of the National Productivity Policy has adopted a multisectoral approach through the involvement of all key social partners, Government ministries and agencies, the private sector, Non-governmental organisations and cooperating partners, ” she said.

Mrs Ndhlovu further said the meeting was meant to consult stakeholders on the draft thematic areas in the proposed legal framework in addition to taking into account the work that has already been done so far.

The National Productivity Policy was developed and approved on December 7th, 2020 and was launched on March 4th, 2021.


  1. You are talking about attaining high productivity when you entertain pointless days of national prayer from Lazy Lungu regime!!

  2. This 2030 vision can be misleading and lead to lack of accountability. The people making noise about the vision are not going to be there in 2030 to track progress. Besides no one has time to wait for 10 years bearing in mind we have talking about 2030 for the last decade.
    I think GRZ must be working on tangible deliverable that will benefit the citizenry in the near term.

  3. The policy should emphasis also on technological innovations Because productivity is a factor of innovations plus others like labor land and capital These days with technology and innovations there is no excuse for lack of productivity in arears like mining and agriculture including in such times as drought Even in this Budget period the minister should make mention and give productivity output

  4. That’s very true bcoz we saw how economic indicators were falling under PF /Lungu regime making Zambia poorer.

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