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Human resource challenges in health facilities to be addressed-Masebo


Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo says government will prioritize the training of more health workers to address the challenge of shortage of human resource in health facilities.

She indicated that having more nurses will help to ensure robust delivery of good quality health services in all health institutions across the country including COVID-19 centers.

Ms Masebo was speaking in Lusaka today when she officiated at the 5th combined graduation ceremony of 1288 nurses from, Lusaka College of Nursing and Midwifery, St. Luke College of Nursing, Kafue College of Nursing and Midwifery and Prominent Cherub School of nursing.

She said government attaches great importance to the training of more health professions with an understanding that a well-trained health worker greatly contributes to the attainment of the vision of health and productive people in the nation.

‘’Health workers, I urge you to put your patients first and be respectful and mindful of your attitude towards the people that you serve,’’ said Ms Masebo.

‘’To the graduates I urge you to apply the skills and training that you have acquired to meet the demand of good quality health services in the health facilities in Zambia,’’ she stated.

And Lusaka University Teaching Hospital Senior Medical Superintendent Charles Mutemba advised the fresh graduates to have a positive attitude towards work and ensure that they meet the demands of their profession.

“I urged you to be the game changers, bring some fresh air in the health sector and get rid of the stigma that society has created towards the health workers in Zambia,” he advised.

Meanwhile, Nursing and Midwifery of Zambia Chief Executive Director Aaron Banda urged the graduates to familiarize with Act number 10 of 2019 where all the statues of the nursing services are embedded.

In a speech delivered on his behalf by Director of Education and training Eddie Sinkamba said, understanding the Act will help them deliver their service with goodwill and passion and help them to avoid breaking the law.

He further advised them to be professional in their delivery of service and keep advancing in their studying in order to remain relevant in the profession.

‘’As a council we will continue to offer support in order to ensure that our nurses execute their duties in a conducive and enabling environment for good quality professions,’’ stated Mr Banda.


  1. Madam minister you spelled everything right except you missed one important component and thats shimpiya. Pay more, its the number one incentive

  2. This is one huge challenge for Zambia, after years of retrogressive thinking. Zambia needs thinkers to focus their thoughts on rapid transformation of a major area. I’m not so sure that Ms Masebo is the right person. Health isn’t an area for slow thinkers or rush reactions. A think tank will be in order to deal with education, training, standards, revalidation and more. We’ve got to review the emphasis on giving dangerous roles to nurses and medical assistants, with fancy titles because it has cost many lives. We have a huge number of expert doctors abroad who could help restructure the system, putting in line with the advanced world. Let’s stop the madness of making poorly trained doctors big shot consultants, directors and whatever else you call them!

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