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President Hichilema receives credentials from 7 countries


President Hakainde Hichilema has urged members of the diplomatic corps to freely engage with the private sector on issues of interest.

Speaking at State House today when he received letters of credence from diplomats accredited to Zambia, President Hichilema observed that in the past, diplomats were restricted from engaging with the private sector and individuals alike.

Mr Hichilema said just as diplomats can engage with government, there must be no limits to interacting with private individuals.

And the head of state informed the diplomats that his government will continue to uphold transparency and practices of prudent management of resources.

“We promise that we will depart from the culture of the past of wastefulness and extravagance and be prudent so that we can save resources,” Mr Hichilema said.

The President said Zambia’s mutual cooperation with the different counties will focus on trade and investment.

Mr Hichilema said this will work provide employment for the Zambian people.

“Jobs will come from trade and investment, I think it’s very important that we exploit that opportunity,” he said.

The head of state said close diplomatic ties should translate to economic development for Zambia.

“This government looks forward to working closely with your excellences in our quest to turn around our economy, to recover from the pandemic and other issues that confront us,” he said.

The President received letters of credence from diplomats accredited to Zambia from seven different countries.

India’s High Commissioner Ashock Kumar, Nigerian High Commissioner Ominiyi Eze, Ghana High Commissioner Khadija Iddrisu, Mozambican High Commissioner Monica Mussa, Czech Republic Ambassador Pavel Prochazka, Irish Ambassador Bronagh Carr and Israeli Ambassador Offra Farhi.

The diplomats accredited to Zambia also congratulated Mr Hichilema for scooping the August 12 general elections.

The diplomats further pledged their commitment towards enhancing bilateral ties between Zambia and their respective countries.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema pledged to the Mozambican government that his government wants to be part of the solution in the troubled northern part of that country which has suffered great unrest.

And the President also told the Israeli government that Zambia stands to learn from Israel technological innovation.

President Hichilema informed the Irish Ambassador that government desires to emulate the strides the country has made in tackling climate change.

Mr Hichilema used the occasion to urged the African countries to make the most of the continental Free Trade Area which is an ambitious trade pact to form the world’s largest free trade area by connecting almost 1.3 billion people across 54 African countries.


  1. HH needs a primer in international relations. Not everything is black and white in international relations and many things aren’t wht they seem.

  2. HH should recall all the PF party cadres unfittingly apointed to foreign diplomatic posts by Lungu.Welcome to the 7 new diplomats & please visit Chibolya/Misisi etc to see how PF failed Zambia.

  3. ‘diplomats can engage with government, there must be no limits to interacting with private individuals’. That should should never be tolerated. that’s why the government issues licenses. A village has no idea why an investor is asking for a piece of land. Look at Chinese how they have occupied our land? There is nothing that we lack. we used to have barns in our old days. No investor came to teach us how to preserve food. We have plenty of land and what miracles will an investor bring to Zambia.

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