Tuesday, June 18, 2024

ZICTA records rise in reports of hacked social media accounts


Zambia Information and Communication Technology (ZICTA) Corporate Communications Manager Hanford Chaaba says the agency has noted with concern a substantial increase in incidents relating to compromised accounts on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Mr Chaaba told ZANIS that a number of Facebook accounts are being hacked by unknown people due to victims not having strong password linked to their various accounts.

“We receive reports from people on a daily basis of their accounts being hacked, this is caused mostly because the victims do not have strong passwords “, he explained.

He urged members of the public who use social media platforms to set up strong password for their accounts as this will help prevent and lessen the hacking problems being faced.

“People should set up strong passwords and avoid opening up links that they are not conversant with,” he said

Mr Chaabe has also cautioned the public to refrain from engaging themselves in investment scams adding that there is great need to scrutinize and investigate more before engaging in such activities.

Mr Chaabe has since called on all citizens to exercise caution and use social media responsibly.

He said October is a cyber security awareness month were the agency gets to sensitize the people on some of the dangers of social media if not used in a right way.


  1. ZICTA is also a suspect. Last time they warned people that were sharing Mabumba’s obscenity that they were able to monitor their activities and indeed WhatsApp reported an interference in their system. This was how some chaps from Kapiri and Solwezi were arrested, so how was ZICTA able to do that if they didn’t hack people’s accounts? Sean Tembo has been silenced, is it not those against his critique and bashing of Bally’s ineptitude? The biggest culprits in Zambia are the authorities. So how can we expect ZICTA to safeguard our interests when they’re rogue institution? Just attempt to pay your bills using online platform and how many unsolicited texts you’ll receive. The digit space isn’t safe in Zambia

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