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Former vice Presidents denounce political hatred


Former Republican Vice Presidents have called for respect of divergent views and upholding of peace among politicians in the country.

Immediate past Vice President Inonge Wina said both the old and youthful population should uphold national values and principles in order to foster peace and tranquility.

Mrs Wina who served as Vice President under the Patriotic Front government from 2015 to 2021, explained that people should desist from using social media to demonize others.

The longest serving Republican Vice President pointed out that politicians should embrace national unity and development now that elections are over.

ZANIS reports that Mrs Wina also called on youths to be champions of national peace and unity as they are key players in the democratic governance.

“Let us not use social media to demonize others politically for we are all one Zambia one nation and there is no country that will call Zambia apart from this mother land. Elections are now past us, let all forge ahead and be united so that peace and unity prevail in our only country,” she stressed.

She emphasized that women countrywide need to be commended for working tirelessly to provide food for the families through the businesses they run in markets.

And Enock Kavindele also explained that for the past 57 years, Zambia has demonstrated that peace and unity are tools that can propel social and economic development.

Mr Kavindele who served as Vice President in the late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa’s administration from May 4, 2001 to May 29, 2003 stated that Independence Day is the unifying day for all people from the cross section of society.

He called on politicians to quickly resolve their differences whenever they do not agree in order to pave way for economic development.

“So far our politicians are doing fine where resolving conflicts is concerned and October is the month we should use to iron out any differences and foster peace and unity. We should all co-exists for the country to record massive development,” he charged.

Meanwhile, Nevers Mumba said former office bearers are key pillars of national unity and peace.

Dr Mumba who served as Vice President from 2003 to 2004 placed emphasis on political party leaders to only differ intellectually.

He further said attending the independence celebrations was part of refocusing Zambia where all the people will economically and politically be stable and free.

Zambia is today celebrated the Independence attained on October 24th 1964 under the theme “Celebrating a New Dawn Anchored on Good Governance, National Unity and Development”


  1. That old hag promoting hatred and villifying the opposition when she was vp now changing the tune after her party lost.

  2. The old hen Bo Inonge has no shame at all…she turned her back whilst her govt was in the forefront in carrying out political hatred and violence…who did you ever invite to State House apart from those black moutain youths from Kitwe. No shame at all

  3. The message they now share should have been their norm when their time in office was active! As at now they failed the country by being timid and not speaking out for Zambian Ubuntu! While they could have been stifled by the governing systems that they served under they should also give credit to the “New Dawn” leadership that has freed them from the bondage of silence to speaking wisely! As for Mrs Wina, it’s now apparent that she understands how ineffective her tenure was on the kind of governance that Zambians yearned most!

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