Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Horizon Green Village to construct 2,500 housing units in Chongwe district.


Horizon Green Village has launched the construction project of 2,500 housing units in Chongwe district.

Horizon Green Village Chief Executive Officer Saul Kiwempindi disclosed at the launch of the housing unit in Chainda ward, that K2 billion will be spent on the construction of the houses in line with the global agenda 2030 to ensure affordable housing units.

Dr Kiwempindi said the 2500 units will be built in stages and it will have a mini Hospital, a police station, a fire station, green parks and a game ranch.

He disclosed that his company will also construct a waste park, a shopping mall and other commercial facilities.

Dr Kiwempindi said all works will be done by Zambians except were specialized services are required.

He also disclosed that the focus will be on providing affordable houses to civil servants.

And Minister of Infrastructure Housing and Urban Development Charles Milupi, thanked the developer for providing housing units which will benefit Zambians.

ZANIS reports that Mr Milupi was speaking at the official launche of the housing project and said Zambia has a housing deficit of 1,500 million and that the number is expected to double by 2030.

He pointed out that the deficit entails government alone cannot fix all the housing problems but it will provide an enabling environment for private sector to participate in housing projects.

Mr Milipu observed that the housing project will also provide employment to Zambians.

And speaking at the same event, Minister of Green Economy and Environment Collins Nzovu said the project will help to address the housing problem that the country is struggling with.

Mr Nzovu urged the developer to ensure that they utilize solar energy to protect the environment and plant the planned 20,000 trees is around the project.

Meanwhile, Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga said over 1000 jobs will created within the province and that such will deter the youths from engaging in illicit activities.

Mr Kamanga appealed to Zambian investors to emulate Horizon properties by partnering with government to deliver decent and affordable housing to Zambians.

And Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo who is also Chongwe Member of Parliament expressed happiness that a private developer has embarked on construction of houses which will create employment for Zambians.

Ms Masebo urged the developer to empower the locals so that they also benefit from any development taking place in their area.


  1. Syliva lets hope this is not another Meanwood Project where you left the residents disconnected in rainy season because the gravel road was not accessible during the rainy season. The good thing with Chongwe District is the Chiftainess is clued up on land issues!!

  2. When you say Zambian hope you mean ZNS otherwise they will have cracks within a year if given to our contractors. They aim for profits not quality. Give them things like drainage and simple jobs. Take time to look at project done by ZNS your grand child’s grand children live to see them once you are no more.

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