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President Hichilema calls for Unity as Zambia celebrates the 57th independence Anniversary


President Hakainde Hichilema has paid glowing tribute to all the freedom fighters who fought for the country’s liberation from colonial rule.

President Hichilema says the patriotism and selfless leadership exhibited by the brave men and women during the emancipation struggle should never be forgotten.

The Head of State implored the citizenry to emulate the hard work and selfless leadership demonstrated by the freedom fighters.

President Hichilema cited the late former President Dr Kenneth Kaunda and the late veteran politician Simon Zukas as some of the freedom fighters who sacrificed for the freedom the country is enjoying today.

“We cannot forget our brave men and women who made this freedom possible. It is very important that we pay tribute to our freedom fighters all of them without exception.

“We remember Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Mr Simon Zukas who passed on recently but did a great job for the generations to come. This generation of selfless and patriotic citizens sacrificed for the freedom we enjoy today.

“We thank God for them and we must not forget what they stood for, we must never forget their works, we must emulate their hard work and selfless leadership never forget,” he echoed.

The Head of State said this at the eve of the country’s 57th independence commemoration which falls to today the October 24, 2021.

Speaking during his first independence address as the Head of State, after scoping the August 12 2021, general elections.

President Hichilema called on Zambians to set aside their political differences and celebrate the country’s independence from the colonial masters.

He stressed during the national address that the 24th of October is a special day that gives the Zambian people an opportunity to reflect on the freedom and self-rule prevailing in the country.

Mr Hichilema says the Independence Day calls for the promotion of patriotism and national unity among the Zambians.

“The day invokes fond memories of those who fought hard and won us independence from colonial rule. This gives us an opportunity to reflect on our freedom and self-rule,” he said.

“The day also reminds us of the need to promote patriotism and national unity. On this day we have reasons to put aside our differences and celebrate our liberation from colonialism and celebrate our journey to a sovereign and prosperous Zambia,” the President noted.

This year’s 57th independence anniversary is being held under the theme “celebrating the new dawn anchored on good governance, national unity and development.”

Meanwhile President Hichilema assured the Zambian people that his administration will deliver on the campaign promises it made to the people prior to the August 12 general elections.

He promised to improve the livelihood of the people through prudent management of the country’s resources.

The President thanked the Zambian people for putting trust in the UPND alliance leadership.

“As we commemorate our 57th independence anniversary tomorrow lets be comforted by the fact that the new dawn is here. The new dawn brings renewed hope for the better Zambia, he said.

“You our people have put your trust in our administration and we believe that we will make your lives much better, it’s a commitment and a promise,” he noted

“You made the right choice we promised and we will deliver to you our people the rule of law as well as law and order,” he said.

And President Hichilema reiterated his commitment to ending corruption and lawlessness in the country.

The President stated that his administration will uphold transparence and accountability in the management of public affairs.

He further indicated that government agencies, civil society and the private sector will be accountable to the people of Zambia under his leadership.

Mr Hichilema promised in his independence message to make decisions that aim to better the living standards of the people.

He emphasized on the need to better the lives of the people so that they leave a dignified and decent life.

“The new dawn administration promised and will deliver to you, our people transparency and accountability in the management of public affairs, government agencies, civil society and the private sector will be accountable to the people, he said.

“We promise and we will take decisions and actions which offers the greatest benefit to our people. Our people deserve dignified lives, this we shall deliver,” he promised

“We do everything in our power to end corruption, lawlessness, poverty and indebtedness. Which have eroded our dignity and freedom as a people,” he concluded


  1. 21 Special Assistants employed at State House, and some are suing Zambian government for compensation for being arrested as cadres in opposition. Mubita Nawa is yet to be employed.
    How many more will be employed tomorrow?

  2. unfair narration of history is Uncalled for in Commander and chief.

    Courageously confronting an authority, calling out injustices on their watch, and demanding change.

    “This process produced, over and above the ravages of colonialism, a wasp’s nest of problems that was to plague African nations long after they achieved independence. Boundary lines between colonies were often drawn arbitrarily, with little or no attention to ethnic unity, regional economic ties, tribal migratory patterns, or even natural boundaries.”

  3. ***********ATTENTION*****************
    Bloggers beware of UK based impostors I dont post on LT to bring attention to myself or my family or post tribalistic claptrap…there is only one desperate sad individual on LT who does this….I stated right here that if PF lose this sad individual will find another hobby its the same pattern!

  4. The UPND under your presidency caused a serious fissure in our nation. Your philosophy that every Tonga owed the UPND support has alienated many. Wilbur Simuusa was told that his father was turning in his grave because he’d joined the PF, a Bemba Party. Sir, you’re not innocent and let me put it to you that national unity can’t be achieved by a mere appointment of a few bootlickers. You caused another division when you ordered your members never to cooperate with Govt. So don’t waste our time with that rhetoric. Your hands aren’t clean

  5. Even on independence day my troll above is busy using my name. Shame on you. Its independence, why don’t you find your own independent name.

  6. Spaka they are still mourning. Today is the first independence day in the new dawn govt. I feel free and born again and saw it as a befitting day to reveal my true identity on LT. The clones can now look f00Iish cloning me when everyone knows who i am now

  7. There is one thing I don’t like about the voting pattern in southern province, it is criminal to think you are better than any other people in the country that they should only support you when you cannot support them.
    I don’t know why other provinces don’t do as the Tongas do during elections.
    It is total madness to say the least.
    Why should HH go and campaign for votes in other provinces when his people don’t appreciate other people that is immoral, Tongas must stop it.

  8. Yes indeed unity is good as a nation, but Zambians have a problem with the Tonga people who are so selfish that they don’t respect any other tribe in Zambia, this can be seen with their pattern of voting and they should change and accept that Zambia has 72tribes who make up Zambia.
    Your people Mr President are a let down their thoughts are troubling to the Zambian people, every Zambian must be appreciated from every province and given chance to be president at any one time if he she is capable, we remember that FTJ gave chance Mwanawasa, Sata gave chance Lungu and people from different provinces accepted them.
    The problem with your tribes people is that they only want a fellow Tonga at all costs to be president that is why they have been voting for you alone with all their…

  9. The President HEHH called for Unity as Zambia turned 57 yrs on Sunday 24th October 2021 but there is one thing which has not been addressed and will affect many people as the rains are approaching. There is the issue of pending demolishing of house built of the former Commuter Njanji land behind Libala Secondary School. What is surprising is no one taking responsibility yet people were made to pay fees to Zambia Railways Ltd and Lusaka City Council allowing people to build houses using hard earned cash. To my surprise no one is coming out in the open either from the Council or Ministry of Local Govt and Rural Development. First and foremost that Njanji Commuter project will never be revived as its viability has been watered down by latest developments such as ring rods which has mobility…

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