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President Hichilema commended for honouring freedom fighters


President Hakainde Hichilema has arrived in Chinsali district in Muchinga province. President Hichilema’s plane touched down at Chinsali airstrip at exactly 10:57 hours.

While in Chinsali, the President is expected to hold meetings with traditional leaders and officials from the United Party for National Development (UPND).

The President is also expected to inspect the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) provincial studios, Chinsali water project as well as visit the General Hospital before holding a wreath laying ceremony at the burial site of the late freedom fighter Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe.

And a senior citizen in Chinsali district has commended Hakainde Hichilema for honouring gallant men and women who fought for the liberation of Zambia.

Hearings Sabi told the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in an interview that the gesture has shown that the President Hichilema cares for freedom fighters.

Mr. Sabi said there was need to appreciate freedom fighters for their sacrifice which resulted in the peace and unity Zambian citizens have enjoyed since independence.

“The freedom fighters had put their lives of a chopping board for them to earn and secure the political and freedom that we have enjoyed since 1964,” he said.

Mr. Sabi added that President Hichilema has demonstrated respect for honouring freedom fighters especially those in Chinsali district.

He explained that laying a wreath at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe’s grave in the district will be memorable and will add to the history of Chinsali which produced a number of freedom fighters.

Mr. Sabi has meanwhile appealed to the President to continue honouring the gallant men and women.

And a freedom fighter, Rodwell Mwansabamba, has appealed to government to consider assisting freedom fighters financially saying most of them are suffering and need urgent help from government.

Mr. Mwansabamba said by doing so, freedom fighters will live a better life.

He further thanked President Hichilema for honouring the late freedom fighters who are buried in various provinces.

“I wish our President long life for remembering and honouring freedom fighters in the nation including those in Chinsali, may he live long and remain blessed,” he said.


  1. Freedom fighters ??
    Did Zambia ever have freedom fighters or were the poster carrying cadres
    there is big difference you know

  2. Who has commended HH. All the past presidents have been honouring freedom fighters. Honouring freedom fighters is not new. Let hh start work and Honour his campaign promises.

  3. Even we diasporans need to be awarded for our role in campaigning all over social media for the upnd. I sacrificed alot for the party but have not had a single thank you from any party structure.

  4. Well, if All the past presidents have been honouring freedom fighters and were NOT commended, then Hakainde Hichilema must have done something extra than the previous presidents.
    SO, WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE OFFENDED that HH has been commended ? No further comment.

  5. Commended for what…kikikikikiki…Commended for waking up in the morning…Commended for taking a shiiiit…Commended for being Commended…Lusaka Times you’re running out of news and this is how boring baby President is…no action just moving around aimlessly fire firing blank shots…2026 he is out of office

  6. I think we are losing focus here Bally. The MANDATE is JOBS. I want to hear job performance quaternary.Home is where your future is.

  7. General Kanene. The media has exaggerated everything about hh I don’t know why. Zambians are interested in seeing campaign promises honoured.

    Are Zambians going to eat commendations???

  8. #9 – @Henry,
    It’s part of his job as part of Independence celebrations, so there is nothing new you people are asking HH to do. Does it mean those other presidents were not honouring their campaign promises when they took time to honor past Freedom Fighters? I mean, HH has a team of ministers who were in Lusaka working, so I do not understand this whole discussion around commendations.
    It seems whatever this man does, you guys are all out there for his neck. PF supporters are the most impatient !!!! The man has 5 years to implement his campaign promises.

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