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Lack of Experience by HH will endanger Zambia’s National Security-Wynter Kabimba


Former Justice Minister Wynter has said that he was disappointed to read on social media the State House press statement on the name and identity of the newly appointed Director-General and Deputy Director of State Intelligence.

Reacting to the statement released by State House that President Hakainde Hichilema had with immediate effect terminated the contracts of Zambia Security Intelligence Service (ZSIS) Director-General, Hector Sikazwe, and his deputy Edith Mwenya, and replaced with Mr. Friday Nyambe as Director-General and Mr Francis Mwale as Deputy Director-General, Mr. Kabimba said that was unprecedented in the history of our country and the intelligence community in many countries.

Mr. KAbimba said that what President Hakainde has done was to expose the new DG to risk situations that may not be apparent now but could pose a national security breach for the country in the future.

Below is the full statement

Lack of Experience by HH will endanger Zambia’s National Security-Wynter Kabimba

Copy, cut and paste seems to be the hallmark of the so-called New Dawn government so far. I was flustered and overly disappointed as a citizen who has worked for several years both in the local government service and open civil service as minister of justice to read on social media the State House press statement on the name and identity of the newly appointed Director-General and Deputy Director of State Intelligence.

This is unprecedented in the history of our country and the intelligence community in many countries. However, the answer is simple.

The United States of America does it and it should therefore be the same here according to the so-called New Dawn government. But the American system is different from ours. In the US the appointment of the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) must be confirmed by the Senate at an open hearing after his/her appointment by the President. In the Zambian system, there is no ratification by the parliament of the person appointed as director of State Intelligence.

The reason for this non-ratification by parliament and hence non-exposure is to ensure that such an individual remains part of the state secret by nature of his responsibilities. It is also intended to guarantee his/her personal security against other foreign agencies and individuals.

What President Hakainde has done is to expose the new DG to risk situations that may not be apparent now but could pose a national security breach for the country in the future. But if you do not have the experience and you are not willing to learn because you knew it all, such is where we stand as a country today and I am certain more shock waves are still on the way


  1. Wynter, say something more useful than what you are talking about. As far as I know the men and women you are talking about have failed to tell the country who was responsible for gassing in 2020 …

  2. Ba Kabimba, do you mean to say a determined adversary would not know who our important person is in the country? It is you who lacks political experience. You could have been the PF President and probably the country’s leader after President Data’s demise. But you were all over showing your colleagues in PF how unready you were. Look how your party with Fred and Cosmas crumbled? Meanwhile the man you claim has no experience held UPND steady for years on end until the party formed government. President HH should continue being transparent. He is keeping his word.

  3. Read the statement from statehouse of 28 Oct 2021 Sir!
    Mr Mwanambale was officially appointed as Director General! In that statement, first IG woman was also appointed inspector General. This idea of attacking HH should stop at least for a while. I know people would like to stay relevant but why not go and lecture?

  4. Security Intelligence Service (ZSIS) Director General Regis Phiri from their respective posts to be sent into Foreign Service.In their place, Sata has appointed Ms Stella Libongani as the first ever female Police Inspector General and Martin Mwanambale as new head of intelligence.
    This was announced in a press statement availed to the media today on behalf of the President by Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations, George Chellah.

    In the same statement President Sata has also appointed Samuel Nkhoma as Deputy Director General of ZSIS and Peter Chingaipe as Deputy Inspector General of Police.

  5. Kabinda says HH lacks experience to Govern Zambia. Can he tells us where HH could have attained that experience without being President for the first time. Does anyone require experience to be President of Zambia?Wynter Kabinda is just jealous of HH being elected the 7th President of Zambia. Wynter Kabinda supported ECL in the 2021 Elections and lost. Kabinda should just shut up and leak his wounds and leave HH to Govern this Country as he sees fit.

  6. Nobody has experience before
    Going into it.Even you did not have until you were appointed.
    Even previous Presidents did not

  7. That is ill timed and illogical statement coming from the head of Wynter Kabimba. Every top spy in Zambia get known immediately they get appointed and disappointed even during the most risk time (KK’s UNIP ) when the country was at war for hosting several Liberation Movements the Top Shushushuz were well known. What is the difference today. The only thing we don’t know is about the identity of the operatives. Wynter will never support HEHH, he does not even get excited that a lady from Sala land is in State House as First Lady and instead of giving support to HH as a (Mulamu) he is on the offensive against HEHH. What security or exposing the Top danger posed to his life. I remember when my childhood friend Luwita Rex was dropped it was published in the media even when he was posted to…

  8. Espionage is a high-risk criminal offense. The traitor must fear arrest for the rest of his or her life, as the statute of limitations does not apply to espionage. HH should have thought carefully before revealing his top spy – I know job seeking cadres will insult me. That’s fine.

    There are three principal ways by which spies are detected:

    Routine counterintelligence monitoring.

    Tip from a friend or spouse.

    Their own mistakes.

  9. Kabimba is a confused sick man but he makes some valid points. Let us learn to take criticism positively


  11. Imwe naimwe,………

    What security risk ? This is the same mentality that bought military equipment for the police…….

    Zambia is not at war with anyone,……….

    For the most the security wings in zambia have been used for internal security …….

    Mostly to spy on opposition and look for corruption ……….

    There is no war for Zambians to be paranoid about security undercover……….

  12. One can only have experience at a job after having worked there for a period. This team has never been in government before so everything is new.

  13. What experience does he need ? He has been the leader of the largest and most stable opposition party, now the ruling party. You can’t even come close to his integrity and maturity . Petty jealous… One Zambia one nation. God bless Zambia.

  14. As a person who worked in OP, I was shocked by such an rookie decision by hh. Does he not have advisors. I always told him that running govt is not like running a ka company like grant thornton. He is making many incompetent decisions.

    • Cheap talk. I mean real spies won’t come out to broadcast their belonging to that world. Nothing wrong in knowing the names of a spy chief but everything wrong in knowing the identities of the operatives. The CIA Director and FBI chief are known to the world.

  15. Kabimba lacked the sense and ability to inform the nation how others were appointed and availed to the nation. Unless he is telling us that this is a new trend. Otherwise from the UNIP to PF these positions and names were publicly announced and the nation informed. This is cheap politicking but what can we expect from such a failed lawyer!

  16. Can Kabimba answer the following questions:

    1. When KK took over from the colonial masters, what experience did he have?

    2. When Chiluba took over from KK, what experience did he have?

  17. There is nothing wrong with informing the nation who the number one spy is….he/she are more policy…worry if they tell you who the operatives are…he might have experience as President but he can announce all the same…..lets give him room…after all you Summer K with your so called ‘experience even though you have never won a matter in court….after being given Justice Ministry you used to move with a personal body guard…experience my foot!!!!!

  18. Uum bane, what experience do you need to serve in a political office? Don’t you get your experience in the private sector?

  19. Am glad he said it for all to see the kind of mediocre he exactly is: Ba Kabimba sata, u don’t get into public office gain experience, no! U join in to deliver. Experience is found in your personal life & private sector – when u succeed here , public appointments become a direct score for you. Because u already have a personal/private CV.

  20. Quick reality check: HH is a household name when it comes to personal success & private sector management. So he ll easily fit in at statehouse – easily. Now let’s talk abt u ba kabimba, what have u achieved in your entire life sir?

  21. Remember also that , u tried to get into public office in which you were paraded, boycotted against and eventually fired. Would you say u are experienced? And besides , to serve in government is a courtesy call, it’s not a career. You gain experience in your career outside of government. GRZ is not a career bane (for u to need experience in order to serve), this why we vote and not conduct interviews (with where experience is needed). You are the people that’s pulling Africa backwards cos u think Government is a Job machine, no! Government is a service to the people – u are lucky even that we pay u millions for your incompetence(especially you Kabimba).

  22. So Kabimba and the people echoing him have experience? Truth is they don’t know what they are talking about, they are just assuming. Example is your enemy can or may know what type of weapons you possess, as these are published by defense magazines like Janes, but must not know how you deploy and use them.

  23. Ba Kabimba. We have always known who the DG of Intelligence is. Infact, once upon a time when FTJ was president, he used a press conference to announce transfers within OP where he named directors of various divisions. We also remember the famous Xavier Chungu! Your sense of alarm is misplaced and omits important historic details. What we do remember though is your time in government when you run a tainted system that lacked transparency in the name of “state security.” HH understands that he is accountable to the Zambian people and I would argue, he has more experience and street wisdom.

  24. Chipante pante ballyvirus Government. So back. It will be a long 5 years. Its good so that Zambians should learn not experiment with power.
    Trial and Error and empty pronouncements as ACC gets ordered around.
    The I know Zambians, I am watching this like a movie!

  25. Wynter you are stupid to think you need experience to be Head of State. Go get a life chipuba iwe
    HH is on the right trajectory. He takes time to analyse issues and with his highly experienced advisors they will make a good decision on national matters. HH is sober minded, uniting the country for development and still has support of our people.
    God bless Zambia and protect it from id!ots like Kabimba.

  26. In America the CIA director is known. The head of the FBI is known. And those people have to deal with terrorists. You fearing a security risk, when we’ve gone through suffering because of gassing. Take seat Mr Winter.

  27. Kabimba talking out of his anus again. Who are these people looking to breach Zambia’s national security?
    Names of heads of the CIA and NSA in America are public knowledge. The world’s most powerful nation!!!
    What is so special about a DG of Zambian State Intelligence?

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