Monday, June 24, 2024

Slapdee, Macky 2, Chef 187 and other artists collaborate on an Independence Anthem


Zambian top notch music stars Slapdee, Macky 2, Chef 187, Pilato, Judy, Organized Family, Mampi, Chester and other Zambian music acts team up on this Independence Anthem sponsored by Kalandanya Music Promotions. The song is called “One Zambia, One Nation” and spearheads National Unity.


  1. Beautiful! It’s even danceable – I like it! I just wish they didnt mention “Kalandanya” music promotion within the song. It’s like mentioning “Sony” in your song – because they promote your music!. It’s an unnecessary divergence, and spoils it for any who would want to buy the song. “Kalandanya” being on the label is enough – it doesn’t need to be within the song! But I like “Kalandanya” music promotions for their excellent work in promoting music in Zambia. Well done!

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