Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Live Presentation of Zambia’s 2022 National Budget by Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane



Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane is this afternoon expected to present the 2022 National Budget in parliament.
This will be the first budget by the new dawn administration following their election victory on August 12th, 2021.
The Budget is expected to set a tone on how the new administration hopes to revive the economy.
Zambians will keenly follow key pronouncement on the Farmers Input Support Program, Mining Tax and Pay as you earn among others.


  1. Free education= Higher taxes or budget deficit. Socialism doesn’t work. Don’t celebrate pre maturely like ejaculation

  2. @Kaizer, do you know Scandinavian countries have free education? And they are not Socialist, but I don’t know about premature ejaculations. I only know their pure white women don’t scream in bed like those PF’s, I will not mention their names.

  3. Bitter Kaizer, if you and Lungu were not stealing encouraged Corruption, you would have also offered Free Education in Schools. Zambia can afford we are a reach country. Most countries offer free basic Education.

  4. What are you people arguing about? The budget has been presented and as usual some will be happy with it because their expectations have been met others will be disappointed for various reasons. I miss the Unip budget where the revenue would include MR SPEAKER I EXPECT TO RAISE X KWACHA BY INCREASING PRICE OF CIGARETTES BY 5NGWEE, PRICE OF BREAD BY 2NGWEE….and so on. Oh those were the days.

  5. I asked, within a week of upnd gov coming to power, bo Lubinda, Nawakwi, nakachinda that what will you be saying when policies such as free edu are put in place? Next, debate

  6. 12 Tore I have read the bit on FREE EDUCATION, I don’t think it’s completely free except for exams fees. Maybe you can explain a bit for me there.

  7. Kaiser you should be ashamed of yourself, which beans are you talking about, you are one of the many reasons pf was kicked out of power, just keep quite.

  8. Bs you are confident to say that to me because it is not to my face. I dare you to contact me when you visit zambia and say that rubbish to my face. I will break your ugly mouth

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