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Katuba forms Public-Private Sector Development Committee


Katuba Member of Parliament, Mwabashike Nkulukusa has initiated the establishment of a nine-member committee which will drive the developmental agenda of the constituency.

Mr Nkulukusa said the Katuba Public-Private Sector Development Committee will be responsible for providing the foresight in the planning and implementation of projects in the area.

The Lawmaker explains that the committee is not individual based but institutional as members are drawn from private companies operating in the constituency.

Mr Nkulukusa said this when he held a meeting with the business community in the area to discuss the way forward on the development of the area.

He emphasized that the committee will implement its functions using the Katuba Strategic Development Plan that will be developed by the multisectoral team.

“On October 29th, the Finance and National Planning Minister gave us an embracing budget that empowers local communities and power has been devolved to constituencies and wards like ours. This calls for us to build capacity so that we carry out development in line with the expectations of the general citizenry and will work closely with you and the business community through the committee we have just formed, “he stressed.

Katuba member of Parliament Mwabashike Nkulukusa addresses Stakeholders during the Private Stakeholders meeting in Katuba Constituency on Saturday, October 30,2021 as Headman Mwakawele (L) and Chibombo Council Chairperson Newton Nyeleti listens -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA/ZANIS
Katuba member of Parliament Mwabashike Nkulukusa addresses Stakeholders during the Private Stakeholders meeting in Katuba Constituency on Saturday, October 30,2021 as Headman Mwakawele (L) and Chibombo Council Chairperson Newton Nyeleti listens -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA/ZANIS

Mr Nkulukusa stated that the strategic development plan will focus on five key sectors of constructing hospitals, schools, roads, water, sanitation and hygiene as well as rural electricity connectivity.

And Chibombo District Council Chairperson, Nyuton Nyeleti said the local authority will curb any form of corruption and poor workmanship.

Mr Nyeleti noted that for a long time corruption has eroded the much needed resources that are allegedly mismanaged at the procurement stage for the local authority.

“The devolution of power and increased CDF allocation has come at the time when people need development and as the local authority, we are enthused with the political will exhibited and in the five years, Chibombo will be a model free of corruption and inequality,” Mr Nyereti said.

Meanwhile, SHAIS Foods Chief Executive Officer, Mirriam Chipolu assured that the business community is more than ready to partner with the area MP in bettering the lives of people.

Mrs Chipolu disclosed that her firm has several opportunities that will see the uptake of youths through employment going forward.

Representatives from Angels of Care, Codeline Transport, Mt Meru Limited and Modern Automotive among others also attended the meeting.

During the presentation of the K173 billion 2022 National Budget to Parliament last Friday, Minister of Finance and National Planning, Situmbeko Musokotwane proposed to spend K25.7 million towards Constituency Development Fund from the previous K1.6 million.


  1. I’m just wondering whether Katuba is in Chibombo or Chisamba district. This is a very good move by Mwabashike whom I thought was from Magoye. Indeed, Katuba is growing at a fast rate because it’s benefiting from the land shortage in Lusaka. Therefore it requires to be planned. I support this idea. We can have a well planned city in Katuba. There is also a need to control the greed by the natives. The cost of land can slow down development. Some premiums being demanded on some pieces of land in Katuba are shocking

  2. I can see a lot of corruption with this increased CDF funds …we need guidelines from Cabinet Office, MP and private businessmen form committee who heads the community the MP? where is community participation, youth participation. council participation…civil servants on that committee. All you see now is these guys awarding themselves contracts which are inflated thereby eliminating the very people CDF is supposed to benefit.

  3. Who audits and vets CDF funds …we need accountability and transparency an annual audit at the end of every financial year how funds have been used I see demand for Accountants increasing.

  4. “Tarino Orange, CDF has guidelines already. It’s controlled by the Council. The role of the MP is just to approve minutes of the Ward Development Committees in his Constituency for submission to the Town Clerk. Executions of works or assessment of bidders is done by the Tender Committee. If funds are misapplied then it’s the whole group that is guilty. It’s not possible for an MP to draw that money alone or to award contracts.

  5. That is a very god initiative and if implemented will improve the well being of the people of Chibombo and Zambia in general. I hope this will be replicated to other constituencies.

  6. From here ni washala washala, Zambia is going to see real development. As a businessman, or any other businessman will tell u Teal development happens when people’s minds are developed. U can build a highway from Lusaka, take it to shangombo, but for as long as shangombo people’s minds ve never been developed- that road is useless. But in this case , people ll in turn actually build their own roads, clinics & hospitals.

  7. Jigga Kayama Simangulungwa (formerly Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee)

    Way to go… I think Chiefs and villagers need representation on that committee. But I really like the idea. I’m hoping the committee will submit projects proposals to the council and those in charge of implementing projects.
    I think projects need to go beyond just building schools and hospitals… you need to empower people to do businesses as well by giving out low interest loans to do small scale businesses that create jobs and brings in household income; also sustainable projects.
    Also try to attract investments from outside the constituency by creating incentives… definitely basic needs are a priority but also think beyond those and long term goals.

  8. Beautiful idea Ba MP. However let that committee comprise members from different wards in the constituency, that way you will avoid finger pointing. Because it’s like you have drawn your 9 committee members from around 15 / 10 miles business entities. Otherwise the idea is 100% welcome.

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