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The government will not interfere in any succession wrangle-HH

Rural News The government will not interfere in any succession wrangle-HH

President Hakainde Hichilema has said that the government will not interfere in any succession wrangles but will work with any traditional leaders selected.

President Hichilema also says he will ensure under his tenure, no Chief will be segregated in the development process or aligned to political parties.

He says there is also need to institutionalize the office of Chiefs further saying they should be respected in accordance with the law because they are the custodians of tradition.

President Hichilema also notes that it is important for Government and traditional leaders to continue working together to promote unity and enhance development for all.

Speaking when he addressed 24 traditional leaders that where present during the courtesy call on Chief Choongo, President Hichilema said working with the traditional leaders and various stakeholders, he is hopeful the country will continue on the path of un

He said this is the only way the country can develop as the UPND administration strives to give the Zambian people economic and social independence.

The Head of State also said there is need to rewrite Zambia’s history because it is distorted.

President Hichilema said government will ensure development is taken to all parts of the country through the Constituency Development Fund -CDF-which has been increased.

He has also proposed that a day be set next month for him to meet with traditional leaders from across the country, so that various issues affecting their well being could be addressed.

President Hichilema also thanked the people for turning up to vote in the August 2021 General Election.

And, Southern Province Council of Chiefs Chairperson Chief Nalubamba said the proposed 2022 national budget is promising and that the people are eager to benefit from the resources.

Chief Nalubamba also said there is need to continue preaching peace and unity in the country, so that Zambia remains united.


  1. Lekani banzelu bakambeko, if this ceremony was in Kambwili’s & His chief Sosala’’ Village, you wud have heard all sorts of tribalism. Mind you this is HH’s birthplace but hear how tribe balanced he is even his chief also is still further admonishing for national unity. You don’t get this fro Mpezeni or Sosala. Only in Southern Province , no wonder from now onwards let’s elect Tongas for presidency – remember KK was given the presidency by a Tonga in order foster national unity.KK wasn’t meant to be our 1st Presido of it wasn’t for Nkumbula.

  2. Who the fvck is media director for that “very important “HH? He needs to delete all pictures HH is kneeling before somebody who isn’t God.
    HH said himself that “kneel only before God”. So showing him like that is making look like fuuul.
    And that is VERY IMPORTANT..

  3. Traditionally you can kneel before chiefs, politically no one should kneel for anybody. Biblically you can kneel but don’t bow, you can only bow to God only, I think

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